Zapela, e paid for dt alimony. The executor confiscated his idik

Pavel Vondrek divorced and the son was taken to his mother’s house. The court ruled against him, but the former husband agreed to the court. And the father paid vivn.

As part of my previous good relationship with my ex-partner, I had the payments of the bullfinch signed once in a while or in bulk through my mother. Of course, during the time when my son was in peace, I dreamed of payments, to Pavel Vondrek.

It worked without any problems, but only until the father wanted to be satisfied and confirmed the application to the court. The breeding breed of the female turned 180 degrees at that moment. Vondrek describes to me that all alimony, which I have not signed, seeks out and under my execution, describes.

And exactly that happened. The trial for a good drink did not end, but the trial ended for her unpaid blame. According to him, the father owes a living debt of twenty thousand crowns. He disagreed with darkness. Only when he did not pay the debt, he saw the execution. Of the original twenty thousand, today the debt is 93 thousand. The executor began to deduct the debt from Mr. Vondrek’s salary. And in April, he drew a notice to the executor: To satisfy the claim of arrears of a living minor child, the execution is suspended by suspending the Jewish authority.

It’s nefr, yes, my son, I pay my salary, and the debt is 93 thousand? These are mostly only the income of the executor, says Pavel Vondrek, and I add: I understand that if the fathers do not take care of the children and do not pay for them, the idik is probably confiscated quite well, but this is not my case. In addition, I need idik for my work.

The punishment of human rights is proven in practice

Seized Jewish lawfully do not pay aliment is not new, according to the execution, it has been valid since January 1, 2013. Since then, judicial executors have suspended more than 2,200 people and have good experience with this practice. In most cases, the debtor immediately contacts the bailiff and tries to pay the receivables, for example in the form of a payment calendar.

The big city is not even paid directly to the executor’s office in order to pay the bank in cash in full, and thus ensure the completion of the execution, or the unblocking of the Jewish right, according to Petra Bov.

But Mr Vondrek is not a typical case. So was it necessary to confiscate the idik as well? In addition, wages are also paid.

It cannot be assumed that if the execution is carried out by wage deductions, the issuance of the execution order is not necessary by the suspension of the Jewish right, notes Bov. The execution order by suspending the Jewish right is a means of motivating the obligor to expedite the castle of execution, he explains.

According to Bov, in this case, the arrears on a long-term vine for a minor child are exchanged, so the conditions for the issuance of an execution order by suspending the Jewish right are therefore legally fulfilled. In addition, wages from the wage are so far only depository by the employer and are not paid to the bailiff. Mr. Vondrek filed a motion to stop the execution and the court did not rule yet.

The need to have an idisk command must be demonstrated

Even according to the independent lawyer, the executor acted in accordance with the law. According to him, Mr. Vondrek made the first mistake, namely that he confirmed the payment of some wine payments. On Friday, from hand to hand without confirmation, there is always the danger that the mother will later take the pension again, warns lawyer Pavel Nastis. It is ideal to send a live account to the bank, or a bankrupt. If you pay cash, ie from hand to hand, then your pension is confirmed against the signed letter.

And Mr. Vondrek made one mistake. After all, the payment of the living only from the ward, if the son is a thirteen-year-old son in the father’s house, is in the horses’ point of view from a human point of view, from the point of view of this it is not so. If the court decision on the appointment of a person is not replaced by a new court decision on the order of a child due to the upbringing of the family, Mr. Vondrek must pay the person in the original court appointed by the court, Nastis warns. In other words, stopped the execution of the lawyer I do not see reln.

However, there is also an idea how to at least get back, and at the same time the execution on the wall stopped the execution. If Mr. Vondrek needs an ID card to perform his work, he must prove it to the executor, best evidenced by documents, such as an employment contract or confirmation from the employer, the lawyer recommends. In such a case, the executor cancels the execution of the order, which rightly suspended the validity of the Jewish.

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