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Petr Janda belongs to the people who have decided to stand on their own two feet. Enterprise u pes pt years and is spn. He founded the Pn Club from Ponokovice and his idea to supply the members of the club with the opportunity to take the original colorful colors in the Czech Republic. Vyrb is on Vysoin and at the time of the coronavirus epidemic k that is rd, e bet on the esk manufacturer.

When it gets tough, Czech companies will help, they will hear from them, because they will be with people on the same boat, k. so that each MSc arrives in a suit box with one of the many colorful socks.

What the new pr will look like, the members of the club have never been before the net, it is surprised for them. That’s why Petr Janda tries to use his creativity so that everyone with a unique example will catch the eye of the club.

At the time of the epidemic, when a number of entrepreneurs are worried about the crash, help others. Those who turn to him, try to advise how to sell on the Internet so that they can keep up and not fall. And so he launched the action of Ponokov taen against the virus.

Currently, two of our types are offered to hospitals with infectious diseases. After the health care of a highly infectious patient, the maximum amount is immediately discarded as infectious material. Even socks, because they can not disinfect pranm to a high temperature. So there is quite a lot of consumption in hospitals, to Petr Janda.

This week, therefore, he delivered 648 mails free of charge to people whom they learned via the Internet that would make their socks happy.

At the very start, the company could not at all imagine that the idea to start it Club Pn from Ponokovice could enjoy it and became a full-time job.

You started with a mobile phone, a pot and a hundred thousand crowns for it. Today, your company has turnovers between 15 and 20 million crowns. Also is u on a sunny paycheck?
Yes, I am able to comfortably support a family with a small child and a maternity wife. We don’t live on a high leg, but we don’t even have to turn each crown twice. In addition, two into further development and moving forward. I do not accumulate pensions for myself.

Where will you send these clubs the original socks to her?
I quickly went through the database and we have about 60 countries from all continents except Antarctica. India was a joke. There they have such long addresses that we had to adjust the system to the same address marks.

Did it happen to me that some offers were taken by a member of the club a lot, not by other pieces?
The mutations of our offerings are always controversial. Our hearts have more striking patterns, but those still praise the decisive decency. Then we have an estimated twenty patterns that I dare to have conquered all the hearts of darkness. In June 2018, we had a sock on the motifs of the esk flag. She included the first string.

How long did it take to start a business?
In fact, right after the start, so many orders started to go through that I managed to process them so much. The barrier to hard work was especially psychological. I could not imagine at the arrest that Ponokovice would have lived for a long time and I just had some great problems in finance.

My mom thought I was really crazy. She was annoyed. Of course, the reaction around the variant did not fully support the variant of standard work.

The idea of ​​grinding out and delivering the members of the club to the colorful playful socks saw in America. When orders start to pour, it seems that it is sometimes easy to bring a business idea to life.
It’s probably not easy, but I was completely absorbed in the process. I got into a trance. I saw before me only the moment of the start of the Club in the most perfect form I was able to.

In normal operation, it is almost inconceivable to dive into it as deep as you want for a full year. I was regretted and I fate for my fate. When I remember that, it is interesting that I began to see ponokov and after Ponokovice, even though I was right from morning to evening.

You have been in business for five years. Did you meet me the most?
With your ignorance and inexperience. I started preparing Ponokovice less than two years after finishing the round and I cut one mistake after another. About a week later, I assembled an Excel monster with a full development for another year. After those days since I started, I understood that I would be happy to run the operation in the next two months and that my excel is a list of gods for another decade.

But naivete is great vc. There is nothing hot not to understand that something is not possible. I’d rather make naive mistakes for the rest of my life not to try anything new.

What decided that the business case in the Czech Republic worked out?
Ann Karenin is famous for the fact that all happy families are alike, where the eastern family is eastern in their own right. In my opinion, it is similar for companies. It is not possible to succeed only thanks to one thing, but one very unmanageable thing is enough to fail.

So the positive factor has to happen in the first place: the right moment, the hope for everything, the space for mistakes and, above all, digging for people around you and customers, among other things. The customer was, is and will be the arbiter of the fate of Ponokovice. And so that’s right.

You studied diplomacy at Georgetown and entrance European studies at Oxford. Do you not regret that you did not become a diplomat in the end and see yourself as the founder of Ponokovice?
In fact, most of my friends from America ended up on Wall Street and most of England in the City of London. It’s a shame if I didn’t end up there if Ponokovice didn’t catch on. Otherwise, however, my journey through the life of lb and mm will be great in this respect.

How many subscribers did you manage to get during the business and how many people left the Club?
Roughly estimated, about 1.5 percent of the Czech population passed through the Club. Peruvian membership is natural. In those five and a half years, we sent out a lot of offers, and many are just among the reservists simply because they are full.

There are a handful of people who have all about 70 models that we have created so far. Our offers are very large and 70 pr is a really big collection. But Clem does not allow the people to gather socks at any cost, which they will not have time to bear. Socks should be worn, tied and shown.

Try to play atnk lenm Klubu and put pieces?
In running, the shorts were the biggest driver, because Operation Shorts had just taken place. In general, we stand on the bags.

You have your own recipe for howClub accomplished?
One of my heroes, Charles Darwin, claimed that he did not sing the kind that was strongest, fastest or biggest. Fix the one that can best adapt to the conditions. I think that the test of time is the hardest test that any company will undergo in any way, and it first calls for it to be able to adapt to many conditions, but at the same time not to lose its TV and its concept.

Of course, stay stronger and weaker, that’s natural. But don’t be afraid that the Club will disappear. And when it disappears, because the people will not care about it, it will be natural and right. I have my job, but I wouldn’t have a problem giving something else if we in Ponokovice would grow to create value for other people. Then it wouldn’t make sense.

Mui who wear colorful socks look nice. To what extent is it important to have a sympathetic effect on the surroundings during the day?
I think the world is the way we do it. If we look at each other kindly and sympathetically, we will have such days. When I started with Ponokovice, a lot of people said that they were conservative and that colorful ponies could not be caught.

Today we are talking about the opan situation. It is a clear copper trend that has caught on in the Czech Republic and I think it is great. I’ve always known that they have a great sense of humor and can’t get deadly out there.

Your cheerful socks are in the Czech Republic and the bank, I experienced it myself at business meetings. How did you even notice them in America?
Mda herself became interested in New York. To this day, I remember the moment when I look out of a bus window in New York, and he walks elegantly along the sidewalk in a perfectly striped two-suit suit. The sleek appearance was enhanced by shorts and aggressive red socks, which made the glittering armor a drop of playfulness. It was revealed to me, but suddenly everything made sense. The furnace is a perfect copper accessory for a little frivolity. Dmy of such an accessory have a lot, but it’s very small.

What if someone comes and says they want to buy your company? How would you react?
This happened a few times, but the spark never jumped and most of all I didn’t feel that the Club would benefit.

What vs doke podret and jt dl?
J is going to stop and two years after my death. I never had a problem with motivation to work. Only the strings are folded, don’t wake up easily. I have a grandmother and I have eight-year-olds who have been working hard all my life. Go have a small hell and get your work done. Grandma has a bad eye and can’t raise her arms much, but under my own age, it’s about twenty years. Like them, I consider my work a necessary bite of a happy life.

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