You will pay a hundred percent on the life insurance premium

If you decide to take out a life insurance company, be prepared to thoroughly research your insurance company. They will be interested primarily in their health. If you are acquainted and go to the corner, your insurance will be paid. And it may even happen that you will be an extremely risky client for the insurance company and not insure everything at all.

You may be surprised, but don’t go to the insurance company for the end of your life, get on your toes and consume your Body Mass Index. Insurance companies work with this ratio of age and weight at a time when clients secretly insure their life insurance.

Are you welcome? Prepare for the insurance policy

When examining the state of health, the insurance company also takes into account whether the client is overweight or even recovered. Obesity is one of the factors that have a great influence on the disease, so it is an increased risk not only for the client, but also for the insurance company.

The so-called Body Mass Index (BMI) generally serves as a basic indicator for whether a client is, but not limited to. Its statute is based on two dates – vky – vky – see box for more details.

BMI use insurance companies as an approximate value for determining the insurance, resp. for a premium to the basic insurance, if the ratio of the client’s balance exceeds the given value. Most insured clients increase insurance premiums at a time when the BMI is around 30, 33 or 35 or more. According to the policyholder, the rate of basic insurance premium is in the range of 25-100 percent of the death premium.

The value of BMI is always taken by insurance companies in relation to the age, sex and general health of the client. “For example, in a 25-year-old man with a body height of 182 centimeters and a weight of 125 kilograms (BMI 37.74), there would certainly be an insurance premium due to obesity for a basic risk of death, but in a 55-year-old man with the same age and weight does not,” says Milan. Star of Aviva life insurance company.

A specific example was provided by Dagmar Koutsk from esk pojiovny: a completely healthy 30-year-old woman with a risk-free life insurance premium with a sum of 613 thousand crowns and an insurance period of 35 years will pay about 200 crowns. If her BMI reaches a value of 36 at more than 170 centimeters and weighs 104 kilograms, her monthly insurance will increase by 49.5 percent to 299 crowns.

Not only obesity, but also fraud (at BMI not 18.5) has an effect on the premium.

Kouen pat among the put risk factors

One of the questions in the health questionnaire is whether the client or not. And if they smoke, how long and how many cigarettes do they smoke a day. Kouen is right after obesity, respectively. wonder, brno as put the risk factor. In the case of most insured, the effect on the insurance premium is determined. “It is generally accepted that we tolerate up to 20 cigarettes a day for healthy clients. When sweating or sweating, and in connection with certain diseases, we set a price between 25 and 100 percent of the insurance premium in the event of death, “says Renata Svobodov.

In Aviva, life couplers, for example, have a defined parameter for cuckoos, according to which they assess the client’s callability. “It is the so-called Pack year history, or ‘smoke box’ smoke, which takes into account not only the current consumption of cigarettes, but also the time of smoke,” explains Milan Star.

In general, we can state that most couples are disadvantaged because they contribute to the increase of their risk potential.

But how does the insurance company know whether the client or not? If you don’t say it in the health questionnaire, no one will be able to prove it to you. Renata Svobodov also points out this: “The problem is that clients do not give a true statement in this answer. This, however, is an unfavorable manifestation of the number of insurance events, when the insurer may first request a medical report in case of suspicion, e.g. to the condition of the lungs and then the truth will come out with very consequences. The insurance company may reduce or refuse the insurance indemnity due to false information when entering the insurance company. ”

The insurance company will be knocked to health

Kouen and obesity are not the only factors of interest. As soon as you decide to close the fuse, be prepared for your insurance company to operate. Other factors also affect your premiums. These include age and gender. He has to pay for life insurance, but not women. The reason is simple, according to demographic tables, two women can die and are therefore risky clients for insurance companies.

An integral part of the life insurance policy is the health questionnaire. In most cases, the client sails it personally when concluding a contract. Each of them connects their prescribed form with the given questions, which identifies health risks. When the risk affects the level of insurance, resp. on whether the client insures or not. “The insurance industry knows the term ‘unacceptable client’, but with the advancing pressure of the market, this term is limited to certain specific risks and virtually anyone can be insured against basic risks,” says Renata Svobodov, spokesman for the business insurance company.

In the health questionnaire, the insurance companies ask about employment, smoking, alcohol consumption, age and weight, to invite diseases such as e.g. diabetes, myocardial infarction, and on the health victims, sometimes both surgery and hospitalization.

Filling in the questionnaire, which is a part of the insurance contract, then assess in the insurance company a specialized department for the assessment of risk risks. In some unclear and controversial cases, the insurance company may issue an extract from the client’s medical records or require the client to undergo a medical examination. This insurance company also requires in cases where the client arranges a connection with you insurance, e.g. around two, the more than a million crowns.

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