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Master of Arts, Master of Architecture, Bachelor’s, Doctor of First, Graduate Specialist. Which titles do vhu have in HR and which do not? And do you even get a long way to get a better salary?

This trend cannot be overlooked when looking at job offers. Advertisers offer more places suitable for high school students as well as for hunters with a university degree. The position of junior electrical designer, payroll clerk, project specialist, technologist, warehouse manager and many others can be held by people with and without a diploma.

The tense situation on the labor market has differences between secondary and university students, qualified and quality candidates are missing, for example, fields. often companies reduce the requirements to be able to fill the position, explains the river Dort from Acamar, which helps large companies with the fulfillment and resources for research and development.

Surprisingly, the judges of the HR are in case these two candidates actually come to the job interview. Whoever guesses that a high-altitude city automatically has a place in your pocket would be wrong. If the condition is only S distant, then the high school automatically prefers Lenka Pospilov from human resources SAP Services.

This is confirmed by Ji Klement from the office of the Governor of the Regional Council of the South Moravian Region: So Vysokokolk will apply for a position in Stedokol and will be used for it as well as for applicants with Stedokol distance.

Most practice prices

Experience, foreign experience, real knowledge and skills are exactly what the HR specialist heard the most. In the field of information technology, candidates with more knowledge and experience always prefer, rounds do not play a role. Often, a student with a work experience in knowledge is far ahead of a college graduate. This may vary by industry, as Cake says.

Similarly, in the engineering company Vtkovice Heavy Machinery. The title is a good precondition, but not the only or mainly condition. If both candidates have a similar scope of practice and experience, the university may probably have better prerequisites, because at least in theory it should have a knowledge base not a secondary school. On the other hand, we have a number of skilled students in the company, who have gained experience and knowledge of the practice and are very experienced and oriented today, to the personal director of the company, Ladislav Botur.

To avoid an acronym, academic rank is completely worthless for HR professionals. Higher education is a prerequisite in all salary classes in the state administration, as well as in the private sector, where they require specific expertise. The title of general assistance in the state administration of education, health care, research, in the state series. The influence of m in the non-profit sector, but small, does not play a big role in business. You won’t find many titles on business cards here either. Naturally, the academic sphere has picked up a high value for the title and country it represents. This was and will probably be below, sums up the teacher Olga Medlkov.

Not a diploma like a diploma

Not where the academic rank gave him the personnel of the same vhu. In general, doctoral and engineering degrees have a permanent character, master’s and bachelor’s degrees are known as better secondary wheels. In recent years, degrees from foreign universities had a strong credit, today they do not appeal so much, perhaps also because the people with these degrees increase, says Olga Medlkov.

The voice of alma mater also comes into play, where the adept gained an academic degree. Whether the so-called proflkl plays a role in the reputation of the wheel. Some high rounds have a pretty bad reputation, and if the graduate comes out of them, it will take some time, not the sticker, my teacher Olga Medlkov.

The introduction of high wheels and universities is in the curricula vitae of the candidates, so in vtkovice machine shops, but the applicants do not distinguish only by character. A very talented and motivated university student will graduate from my renowned university, and nevertheless a student of the prestige of the university will be less than motivated, notes Ladislav Botur.

Pensions according to performance

All HR professionals agree on one thing, the academic title does not provide employees with a salary, not his colleague with a high school diploma. The hunter does not receive a salary for a university diploma or graduation, but at best for a performance that For your salary, it is expected that the employee, under a comprehensive entry, is self-employed, works in high quality and makes little mistakes, so we could continue, explains Botur.

Similarly, there will be a university in the middle school, which sits in a position suitable for a graduate of the middle round. If the university performs work in the 9th salary then, it has the same salary as the university. The salary varies according to the grade, ie after years of computable experience. It can be said that a high school graduate with many years of experience can pay a high school graduate, confirms Ji Kliment from the Regional Council of the South Moravian Region.

Even according to the internal regulations of the esk spoitelny vysokokolsksk vzdal salary, the employee does not automatically pay. Individual job positions are priced according to internal company criteria, academic titles do not directly affect the salary, to František Bouc from esk spoitelny.

Good at first for college girls bag pin analysis web Salaries. cz. According to them, the achieved level of distance in the Czech Republic directly affects the salary ceiling. Stedokolsk positions have a salary ceiling after a teak. If we look at them in terms of wage progress, we see that it is times, not in the case of universities, Michal Novk comments on the results of the survey for An employee with a high school diploma will reach the average salary ceiling at the age of 34. An employee who has a 2nd degree education at university has the highest average wage around the age of 44.

In business academic degree pomh, not much managerial

Companies, their executives are holders of academic degrees, achieve better results than companies executives without university education. On the other hand, holders of managerial degrees, such as MBA, LLM or MSc, usually do not achieve a hurry. This is the result of an analysis carried out by the consulting company Bisnode on a sample of 130 thousand limited liability companies.

In the case of titles placed before the name of the shower, the field of business often decides. The company, MUDr. They are the owners of private surgeries. According to the company, they achieve high profitability with an executive who has achieved the title of MDDr., Ie dental drugs. The least profits are companies with executives who do not have an academic degree. The position of the second academic degree gives it a significant added value in terms of business profitability, added analyst Milan Petrk from Bisnode.

As for the titles after the name, there are also holders of academic degrees. Zen companies that have achieved the title of CSc. or PhD., are on average profitable and less indebted to other companies. On the contrary, entrepreneurs who have participated in two or more financially costly managerial titles are not significantly successful. The academic title is definitely not worth it, it’s a plus. At the very least, the hunter is able to respect authority and adapt, to overcome the stress of exams, to Stanislav Petek from TP Consulting.

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