You score in a new job and what, on the contrary, spoils my reputation

Starting a new job is always a crucial step in life. Especially for young people who finish cycling. Whoever was one of the first students during the study, however, does not think that the excellent results will be a guarantee of the career. How is the recipe for spch at work?

Urite is good to learn new things that you will use in your work. Be active and do not be afraid to establish and develop relationships, the advice of human resources manager Tom Surka from the personnel consulting company Devire.

The life of this worker will take place primarily in relationships. Therefore, the emon of intelligence plays an important role in curry. Its basic stage is a hunting innate. But like any trait and emon intelligence, it can be developed for a very long time and increased with regular training, adds psychologist Radek Loj.

Emon intelligent people can very long notice their own emotions and the emotions of others. I can work with my emotions and be masters of interpersonal relationships.

For the most part, they estimate perfectly how their feelings evoke in each other in others, and therefore conflicts are easier. In addition, they know how to motivate themselves positively, they also achieve their goals and through the dog, and in their lives and at work they are happier and better, adds Loja.

Starting in a curry or moving to a new job may not be easy for anyone. Therefore, we should avoid practical tips so that you do not spoil your reputation right at the turn and what, on the contrary, you want to fit into the new team and be satisfied with your work.

1.Don’t play world champion

To get to know the operation of the company as quickly as possible and get to know your colleagues, be active and do not be afraid to ask.

On the other hand, it is advisable to be able to listen, and above all not to look like the one who knows everything to Surka’s personnel.

2.Do not rush with tyknm

It is not good to drink and I will immediately offer you a tissue. According to social conventions, offer only the old to the young, to the superior to the submissive and to the woman.

The young worker should first settle in his / her position and then offer and for some time. There is a bag of exceptions. For example, startups full of young people do not even know.

3.How to fit in with colleagues

After joining, it is good to understand the role of individual members in the work darkness. Zkuenj’s colleagues are worth asking how tm works. take part in joint extracurricular activities so that you know your co-workers in other ways than at work, the HR specialist recommends.

4.Watch your cell phone

If you still have a long time with your mobile phone in your hand, it’s time to change after starting work. Spending time on your mobile means you do less work, not everything. The city is not at work for games, social events and other property. When you don’t realize it, your long-term mobile phone tracking will start to make old and experienced colleagues most likely to worry and break up with them.

5.What a sloitm around

If you are excited about the direction of a colleague-mentor, you can contact him, if you do not know how to deal with it, file it.

Urit is better with a problem for him, not to let him avoid it, the advice of a human resources manager. If you do not get one hundred percent of your work, stand by it, acknowledge the mistake and take care of the correction.

6.When to stay pesas

Wrong here to arrange an interview. If the employee has agreed that the position is associated with part-time work, then he must be prepared for long stays in the office or on business trips, notes Surka.

7.Utct or stay

When you get to work soon after you start work, you are in a place that is not for the sake of accidents or things, do not bang two in a row. The trial period represents a testing period for both employees and employers, and it pays to take it out. It is important to note that the first impressions of the work during the trial period are evaluated and find out that you have chosen the time.

If it is confirmed that there is a new job for all the accidents, you will take at least some experience for the position.

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