You have pensions on holiday in the exchange rates, they are cheaper than banks

Lto is in a hurry bl. We asked ourselves where it is best to buy me a holiday abroad. We tested nine banks and nine poulinch exchange offices in the center of Prague, and we always bought 100 euros and 100 dollars at each window.

The direction of the fight is coming out
The rates are set by the banks and the guidelines themselves and may vary widely. The exchange rate is mainly influenced by supply and demand and, for example, in cash at the box office.

You do not decide to buy foreign currency, compare prices in several cities and choose the cheapest one. The comparison will pay off, especially when changing the trip. Between the cheapest and most driven tested city, the price of one euro differed by 2.50 K and the price of one dollar even by more than three crowns.

We sold one hundred euros the cheapest in the Eurochange and Alfa Prague guidelines for 2830 crowns, and $ 100 in the Camfex Group for 2119 K.

Poulin directives are generally suitable for banks, of the nine tested directives, seven of them were foreign banks than any of the banks. But beware, even between the directives, we found two pedrains with the exception of Folchange on Hlavní ndra and Global Travel in railway.

You do not have to defend the exchange offices or banks in person, at the same time they will send you, for example, the Internet for a comparable exchange rate, where all banks and selected exchange rates regularly publish their exchange rates. You can also find some of them on teletext or WAP on your mobile phone.

You will not succeed in any establishment with the signing of the directive, a large license is only for the purchase of my goods from tourists, but I must not sell me to anyone myself. This activity is subject to much stricter conditions than the Czech National Bank, not just buying me.

How much we paid for 100 euros, tte HERE
And how much ns cost $ 100 can be found HERE

Look not only for the course, but also the fee
Fees are not listed on the exchange rates, but this does not mean that banks and exchange offices do not include them when exchanging. The resulting fee, which you pay for the shift, can influence the fee in a decisive way.

The fee was charged by most of the nine banks tested. They are usually around 1% 2% of the amount. For example, a 2% fee for a shift of 100 euros in ivnostensk bank was 58.45 crowns.

Bank shift fee
“Currency sale”
Volksbank 0
Bawag Bank 0
HVB Bank fee included
in the course
GE Money Bank 1%, min. 30 K
eBanka 1% of currency, min. 50 K
max. 2500 K
esk spoitelna 1%, min. 50 K
over 10,000 K free of charge
Komern bank 1%, min. 50 K
2%, min. 50 K
max. 2500 K

On the other hand, most of the guidelines do not charge fees for the purchase of currencies. We came across a bag with one exception, when Folchange paid the highest and incredible fee of 5% on the Main Railway Station.

When buying more types of foreign currency in the Czech savings bank, pay only one aggregate fee, for the other tested banks, which charge fees, the amount for the purchase of currency was two times, and therefore for each currency separately.

If you decide to go to the bank even after less suitable conditions, watch the summer offer. Kupklad esk spoitelna offers from 1.6. to 30.9. The sale of currencies free of charge, but also with the waiver of the fee, the exchange in S stle is not suitable for me in most currency exchanges.

Very small differences are also caused by rounding, in our test the Trade Bank adjusted the balance in favor of the order for the whole counterfeit down, in Bawag Bank then the order for the whole county of the crown up and in SOB and in eBanka the nearest counterfeit (up and down).

Sufficient currency can be considered an advantage of banks compared to some guidelines. In particular, the currency of the exchange may be dependent only on the purchase of foreign currencies from customers. However, this situation did not occur with the euro and the dollar during our test;

With the introduction of the euro in the Czech Republic in 2012 will end the great exchange of gold time, estimates of the number of exchange rates, which will then disappear from the market, will vary. To reduce their need, come to you. People are losing interest in shifts, they use long more credit cards and some Czech shops accept both euros. Just as to whether we will be able to choose where to exchange holiday pensions, or only banks will remain on the market.

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