You can tell the life insurance within two months, but the advisers are very happy to do so

By arranging a life insurance, you will be financially committed for a long time. Therefore, you should change your mind about the contract in a certain time. If you ask for the promise of a counselor, let me know to keep it a secret.

Mr. Luk wrote to the editorial staff of NM, who was persuaded to take out life insurance by a consultant friend. Msn should pay 720 crowns.

“It simply came to my notice then. I immediately called to say that the connection would be unsuitable for me, and I want to cancel it. She told me all the time that I couldn’t, “Mr. Luk.

Bow insisted that he did not want a bond and refused to pay him. He informed his adviser. “She told me, so let me see you.”

After a year, the counselor’s bag called again. She even took the help of a colleague and wanted Luke to pay 4,500 crowns for a full year of insurance.

“She started to grind out that I just had to pay, otherwise it was on my executor’s account. When I said that the next day after writing the insurance, I informed her that I wanted to cancel the insurance immediately, ashes with the fact that I could terminate the insurance immediately in writing and did not have to wait for a year, ”says him.

The bow paid 4,500 crowns. The friendship with the counselor broke down and the life insurance eventually canceled as well.

So how is it?

If you take out life insurance, you have two months to change your mind. Insurance companies want that such insurance is not a short-term matter, so it is decided on its conclusion.

“The insurance company is entitled to insurance for the period when the client was insured. In practice, in cases of cancellation of the contract within two months from the conclusion of the insurance period, the client is not required, ”explains Marek Zeman from the AXA insurance company.

However, if the client terminates the contract after two months, he sometimes has to pay insurance money. “The fee for the termination of the contract is paid for one-off products, in the amount of 250 crowns,” said Renata Svobodov from esk podnikatelská pojiovny. Termination of the bag is applied individually, because badly on the insurance policy, period and type of contract. Pojiovny thus interested in the reason to say.

“If it is a termination of the contract after the end of the two-month period and if it is a long-term contract with a reserve component (capital, investment insurance), it is good to consult on other options not to say, because in such a case the client would lose a lot. It is definitely not necessary to terminate these contracts, to modify them in some way after the agreements with the insurance company, ”points out Eva Svobodov from the Uniqa insurance company.

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