You can now donate a lot of your future property

By the contract, one party shows its bounty to the other, without even getting anything in return. The new civic concludes the opportunity to donate all your property or even property that you will acquire in the future. But only half of it.

What can be represented by the term future property? It is any property that is defined by species. For example, you can promise someone that you give him half of the apples, which can be harvested in the garden for five years, or a full legacy of grandmother and land, or half the future return on investment.

If you decide to donate a specific thing that you do not have to go, you can donate it at the moment you have concluded a contract, according to which you have to charge it. ”For example, you can donate a house for which you first concluded a purchase contract for a house, according to “You didn’t get it,” explains lawyer Tom Pelikn.

You can now donate new support, for example, regularly contribute to a student’s university studies. You can provide the gift for something specific, under some condition, or you with certain time restrictions.

Willing gift is mon

The gift of metetak to withdraw, but only for two reasons:

  • For gross nevdkgifted you drci
    In some cases, they will also be able to withdraw the gift from the children of the drill. This removes the unjust paradox, according to which the two could not revoke the gift or the grandfather’s hands of the treacherous gifted.

Pklad: Mr. Adam wanted to write on the distance of his descendants, so years ago he agreed with his grandson Josef that he would support him financially while studying at university. Although Josef got on the bike, in the first semester he studied what he “forgot” to announce at home. For the grandfather’s pension, the city visited the pub for two years. In addition, he didn’t even thank him and left him on his heels when he needed help with the stack. Today, Adam wants to shake my pension after Josef.

  • For an innocent fallen crush into distress
    When a landslide falls into such an emergency that he is unable to make a living or cannot provide a living for his life, I can withdraw a new gift or demand payment of money at the usual gift price, but to the maximum extent that he does not get a living.

Pklad:Mr. Adam gave his son a gold pocket watch worth about a hundred thousand crowns, only then he was robbed at home and taken away from him with all the cash he had saved, which Adam hid under a straw as an old bicycle. Bohuel was not even connected. In addition, it had a pension, so it does not even cover the basic cost of living.

Today, the medar can recall or file his son for a pension to provide for basic necessities. But if Adam got into an emergency when he started on the old knees, for example, pt or hrt vending machines, he would have no claim to anything.

A written contract does not always have to be

In most cases, the gift can be done without any formalities, ie without a written contract. If it is required by you, when the gift will be registered in the public list, it will usually be a property subject to registration in the cadastre of real estate.

Mere promises can make something stt

When you only promise someone a gift, you are not obliged to give it to them in the future, but you must replace the ever-expended costs incurred due to the gift.

Who cannot be gifted

The basis of the gift is his voluntariness. The law therefore takes into account the situation in which the verticality, especially in a hospital or social facility, can be decisively affected.

If you want to give the company in which you were first hospitalized or one of the employees, the contract will be invalid. However, this is a relative invalidity, which only you as a shredder will be able to invoke.

In collaboration with first-time Veronica Ryvková, Dana Prudková and Frantik Korbel, who participated in the creation of the new civic end.

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