You can get live cannabidiol from hemp. She wants to make it available to people

Jan Storch is a widower. With his darkness, he was one of the first to devise how to isolate cannabidiol from technical hemp industries. A substance which, according to scientific and clinical studies, has demonstrable effects. This is also confirmed by preparations with cannabidiol, which his darkness managed to develop.

These products must not be used in our country. There are very strict rules for their registration in the Czech Republic and the European Union.

Jan Storch wants to change that and with the support of Karel Janek and another investor, he tries to reach his goal step by step. I am in favor of allowing patients in the Czech Republic and the EU to use cranial ink cannabinoids and cannabis, so that in this respect the cans also stick and the people have access to such preparations, k.

It is firmly established that the registration of zsk and cannabidiol can help people in the Czech Republic. It is possible to learn mainly in the field of neurological therapy, suppression of chronic pain, chronic stomach, immune-mediated neurodegenerative diseases, in dermatology and as an auxiliary treatment in oncological diseases, the scientist is approaching.

When did you drink Karel Janek’s offer to start the project, did you drink it right away, or did you take it for granted?
It took me a while. I hadn’t worked on cannabis at all until then. In addition, I look through cannabis for holidaymakers and general drugs through my fingers. Marijuana vnmm as a drug. It also took me a while, I did not go through the literature and found out how the Incas had cannabidiol and gave non-psychotropic cannabinoids. The scientific facts in combination with the person of Karel Janek finally convinced me to include in the project el.

It took about two years to develop a method to remove cannabidiol from technical cannabis. What was the back fold?
Cannabidiol was isolated in laboratories sometime in the 1950s and 1960s, but it was only a small amount in grams. The laboratory flour must be transferred to the industrial, and not always possible. Nm did it. In addition, we designed the technology to be as simple, cheapest and combine known processes without chromatography paths.

What cannabis did you have to work with?
It is legal for us to work with technical hemp, its varieties are certified. We also had to work with cannabis with a THC content of up to 0.3 percent, in which the low cannabidiol content is no more than two percent.

When hemp biomass extract is made, it contains a lot of ballast, waste products, tissue metals and soil herbicide. The initial extract had to be cleaned, and it was the main round of being able to do it industrially and cheaply. In the United States and Switzerland, I work with cannabis, in which it is significantly higher according to cannabidiol, you 10 and 15 percent, as well as you according to THC, for example and one percent. The initial extract they produce is therefore of very high quality and the cost of producing a certain cannabidiol is more pronounced for them.

When you wanted to put your science poin into practice, it started to come up. For?
We have developed the know-how to the scientific state. states are not zen to run the business. But there are two ways to learn the know-how developed by science. It is possible to sell and rent a license, or to set up a spin-off company, in which the state of science will be in. At first we tried to start a company with a part of the state, which took a long time. In the end, we did it by renting a license from the state and with colleagues Miroslav Richter and Jan Skora, we founded a company that teaches cannabidiol in practice.

How much did the project cost her?
The know-how was an arrest that cost the unit a million crowns. We improve the stle process and work out how to improve it. In the day of the forms, we put several million crowns into the process.

This year, in the spring, you introduced cannabis cosmetics, what else is there?
Most producers of hemp cosmetics thus label products containing hemp oil. It is excellent, but does not contain cannabidiol, only trace amounts. We have cannabidiol in cosmetics, which we combine with other active substances, so that the effects of all active substances are amplified and the resulting effect is maximized.

If such cosmetics develop, what measures?
Cannabidiol in the skin simplifies and regenerates regenerated processes and restores its proper physiological function. These cosmetics are intended for skin, which is prone to hold, redness and obscure other products. The first CANNEFF Balance series is therefore unscented, as fragrances are quite allergenic and therefore do not benefit sensitive skin. We had the products tested at a dermatological workplace and the dreaminess was excellent.

Was it to drink on the first recipe that passes the dermatological test?
My colleague Lenka Prov, who is dark, works on cosmetics. Without n, we would not put it together. It is not at all easy to formulate a truly functional feed. When someone at home owns cosmetic foods today, it doesn’t matter that they are cosmetics. The hunter has to be a chemist to know how to combine substances, how to mix them, how to preserve them, so that the feed really works and it’s not just the prisoner that lubricates pokok. Lenka is an expert with rich experience. Cosmetics are for two reasons. Firstly, because it helps people. And secondly, because by selling cosmetics, we want to issue a wall for clinical trials, which are very expensive.

Co dalho s kanabidiolem vyrbte?
Let’s make tablets and rectal and vaginal palaces, which he will develop in the Caribbean and Jin America in two years. We are working on other forms.

What are urns for?
The tablets work on the overall calming of the body during stress. Cannabidiol is known to affect mild forms of anxiety and depression. Help to maintain the balance of the internal environment of the organism – homeostasis. According to studies, it has a positive effect on the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Help kill spasmick states and tremors.

Vaginal cannabidiol, in turn, helps with the syndromes associated with menopause and hormonal imbalances, such as temperature fluctuations, insomnia, and mood swings. Cannabidiol in combination with other active substances accelerates and heals after various operative steps, moisturizes the mucosa.

Rectal disorders are then exchanged for autoimmune diseases of the intestine, gastric tract, postoperative healing and negative things associated with cancer.

For them, it is not yet possible to enter the market?
There are very strict rules in the European Union, but we are working to get registered for some products. For five years, we will also subject our medical devices to clinical trials so that we can place them on the European Union market.

We have to fully develop and put products and in the future also liva. A year ago, we set a goal that we want to become a full-fledged pharmaceutical company using cannabinoids, which is a very nron project.

Are you an optimist? Do you know that it will be time and you will get the necessary registration?
Urit, we have to handle it, but it takes time, we didn’t anticipate it. I think that in a year it might be possible to register some products. I am in favor of allowing patients in the Czech Republic to use cranial ink cannabis, so that the cans also stick in this respect and the people have access to such 1 km. This is the last n cl. I’m a marijuana anti-legalization bag for holidaymakers. Those who smoke marijuana, my smoking under the current conditions for a long time.

How is your financial company?
We cannot do without an investor in the future. Building certified workplaces, registering products that require clinical and preclinical trials, cost incredible pensions. Only machines for the production of tablets and pk mean a large investment, the costs are linked to human resources. In order to have the best experts, we have to pay for them in time. The situation regarding needs has been improving recently, but it is not about millions.

To what extent can business and scientific activity be combined? Sthte prci vdce?
It’s very nron, especially this last year. If it weren’t for the darkness that is in the state of chemical processes in the academy, I wouldn’t be able to do it. They are very capable and working people. Snam has to travel in scientific directions and move pensions on the financial darkness, which is a lot worthwhile. But I can’t do doctoral students and students in laboratories.

What do pensions mean for vs?
For my pension means freedom, especially in connection with science. I also started to do business because I had a fully written project and a lot of funding, when the probability that I will get a pension for scientific work, you only need five and ten percent. I really don’t like that. As I spent a lot of work writing a project, I decided to devote myself to business and it will be possible that I want to direct my retirement to further research. In that freedom, I will not have to depend on external sources.

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