You can definitely pay for a train ticket abroad

If you want to go abroad by train from the Czech Republic, it pays to buy a ticket in advance. At the same time, it is good to follow other practical tips that can dramatically reduce the price of train tickets.

When traveling abroad by train, you have the opportunity. Either buy one of your tickets connecting Prague, Brno and you Pilsen with big cities abroad for the price of about half compared to regular tickets.

Or, for example, you will use various cross-border tickets for short flights. The only option is to buy a ticket (even a few) and to the place where you have.

Turn to professionals, they will find the most suitable connection

When buying a ticket to destinations where there are no trains, you can get very different prices and save a few thousand crowns.

It decides how long in advance you buy tickets, and so the way to do it, unlike your tickets, is not possible through the internet e-shop of Czech Railways. If you would like to shop on the web yourself, you would have to gradually buy tickets from various foreign carriers and threaten to overlook a condition…

Then it’s easy to buy tickets at the international ticket office of the Czech Railways, but you won’t get the price as low as when you contact D travel. In addition to the sale, the congress also offers tickets from those of foreign carriers. And its employees can find the most suitable connection for them, because they can work with various search engines and websites. Bohuel have only one sales point, on the main train station in Prague.

From Prague to Bentek with a difference of six thousand

In practice, it looks like this to you: back ticket Prague Bentky for two arrived at the end of June with a trip there at night from bird to Saturday and back a day in the country a few days ago a few days ago at the international box office of Czech Railways with a route of Munich 14,800 crowns.

In the D travel office, they offered two cheaper options: with a trip to Munich in the evening for 8,800 crowns, unfortunately only with a place for the season, the train was sold out, and a little longer route via Vde for 10,600 crowns, including a train from Vienna and Italy .

They were able to find cheap tickets thanks to the search offers of foreign sellers. Here, too, the bag needs to be bought as soon as possible, because there is a limited number of cheap tickets, similar to what is the case with air tickets.

How much are your tickets worth
route there / zpten
PrahaBerln 751/1 502 K / person
PrahaHamburg 1 010/2 020 K / person
BrnoStralsund / Ostseebad Binz 1 269/2 538 K / person
PrahaLiptovsk Mikul 466/932 K / person
PardubicePoprad 440/880 K / person
PrahaKoda 1 534/3 068 K / person
Note: Tickets can be issued only for trips there, but not only for trips back. You only pay for some connections and the passenger only has to take the train on which he bought a ticket. Tolls are paid extra per euro per person and per trip.

And the tip of the day: There is a limited number of cheap tickets, similar to what is the case with air tickets, you will also not forget that whoever comes two, the one is the most.

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