You can change the insurance company every year, you will not lose bonuses for driving without accidents

You must pay the required liability, the accident insurance is voluntary. Without the agreed obligatory liability, I am threatened with a fine and 40 thousand crowns. In addition, pay a penalty of 50 or 70 crowns a day for the car to the guarantee fund of the Czech office of the insurer.

Experts from the Czech Association of Insurance Association will answer your questions about your first and duty, as well as any penalties.

What happens when I drive a car without the obligation to drive?
If you do not have this insurance agreement, you run a great risk. If you cause an accident, you will have to pay for the code. Although the insurer will reimburse it to the Czech insurer from the guarantee fund, it will apply it immediately after the payment on vs.

In accidents, it does not have to be just a material code, which usually moves in the breath of plates and hundreds of thousands of crowns, but often someone is injured or killed and hundreds of such codes can reach several plates million.

In addition, there is a threat of financial penalties, even if you do not cause the accident. Pay this return contribution to the guarantee fund of the Czech insurer’s office. And for every day when the car was not connected. The rate ranges from 20 to 300 crowns depending on the type of vehicle.

It’s not everything. The competent authorities may impose a fine of five to 40 thousand crowns for operating vehicles without mandatory liability. If the driver did not present a document on the agreed compulsory vehicle damage – a green card – at the initiative of a police officer during a strong inspection, we may receive a fine of three thousand crowns in the city.

Do I have to take responsibility for the operation of the vehicle and the car I am not driving?
You do not have to, if you are sure that you will not use the vehicle at the chosen time. It is possible to remove them from the vehicle register. The vehicle must not be parked on a public road, ie there must be no parking lot on it. For vehicles that are not excluded from the register, the law does not distinguish whether you only come out with the vehicle or use it every day, it must be safe.

What happens when I pay the obligation to pay for the whole year in advance (from January to December) and sell the car regularly? Give me a pension?
Vrt. If the insurance liability expires before the expiration of the period for which it was paid, the insurer must return the remaining premium to the policyholder. The assumption is that even before the termination of the insurance period, the insurance event did not arise. Therefore, the case that the insurance company would have to pay the code.

According to the law, the insurance company is entitled to pay the insurance premium until the end of the calendar month in which the insurance liability expired. For example, if you sold a car for the 5th year, you will receive a refund for April and December. To get your pension back, you have to drill a green card.

Can I choose a different insurance company every year? Aren’t I losing the bonus?
You have, the bonuses are taken from the owner of the vehicle and are transferable between the binders. Some couplers can transfer the bonus even when switching to a high-speed car or when moving from a motorcycle to a car. Information on the harmless progress of the insurance company from the database code of the Czech insurer’s office. Therefore, it is completely necessary to change the connection system in order to obscure your code flow at the previous connection system.

You must have the original insurance contract with you. What ever to lose him? Do you get a duplicate?
The driver of the vehicle has to show the police only a green card during the roadside check. The law does not imply that the police should prove their proof of payment with the original insurance contract. On the contrary, we recommend leaving these documents at home. Therefore, no one may request the original contract or proof of payment during operation. In the event of the loss of a green card, the insurance contract is a document, and the insurance company will issue the necessary duplicates.

How to proceed correctly when an accident occurs?
If you estimate that there is no damage to the vehicle for more than 100 thousand crowns, no one is injured or the road is not damaged, and if your vehicle is not obstructed, you do not have to call the police. You must write a report on accidents, preferably in the prescribed formula Report on Traffic Accidents. The sign must then be signed by all those involved in the accident. Detailed information on how to fill it out can be found on the website of the Czech Association of Associations

When someone is injured or the code is more than a hundred thousand, it is necessary to call the police. This is good to do even if you are not sure about the codes and you suspect that the type of person is under the influence of alcohol.

Pay the same procedure for an accident abroad?
Similar principles apply to accidents abroad. Each country may have specific specifics when it is necessary to call the police. It is good to get acquainted with them before traveling to the visited country. If you find yourself in a situation abroad where your car is so badly damaged by an accident that it is immobile, you will not be able to seek the help of an assistance service.

Basic assistance services are now part of the obligatory liability and emergency insurance of the majority of the insured. The number of the assistance phone is usually indicated on the assistance card, in the network, or on a sticker, which the insurance company recommends to stick inside the vehicle, or so on the green card.

Is it possible to insure a car accident for a trip abroad?
Emergency insurance is usually concluded either for the Czech Republic or for neighboring states, or for the states of Europe. If you do not have it at all or only for the Czech Republic, it pays to consider at least one short-term emergency insurance before traveling abroad. Trips abroad are always risky and any accident or other code incurred abroad is financially costly for repair costs and assistance.

Can I, as a damage in the event of an accident, be paid compensation for the culprit’s liability and for my accident insurance?
That is impossible. You are not allowed to claim the code twice, but as an option in the event of an accident, you have a choice. You can apply for a claim either at the insurance company, where the person who caused the code (due to the accident) or from your accident insurance is obliged to be liable. If you do that with both couples, the fraud will come. Even if you choose your accident insurance, you don’t have to worry about the bonus. In this case, you will not lose it.

I would like to lease a car. Do I have to enter into a contract of compulsory liability with the insurance company chosen by the leasing company?
The obligation to enter into a contract of insurance against the liability of the owner of the vehicle, in this case it is a leasing company. It is therefore logically the first to choose the insurance company, conclude the insurance liability and include the insurance for individual vehicles in installments.

The leasing company will transfer this obligation to the lessee or vs. And then badly, whether to leave me freedom in the collection of the insurance company, or ur. You, as a lessee, then conclude a contract in your own name and on your behalf for the benefit of the vehicle owner. It is important to be very clear in this question, because if you used a leasing vehicle without compulsory liability, you would be subject to penalties for operating vehicles without compulsory liability.

Source: esk association pojioven

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