You can also take cash with the purchase

Mr. Alena Michlkov was on holiday in Italy, the children admitted a little on a slide and she had only a card in her pocket. What about you? The ATM was far away, but it was difficult because it came across a store where it could also charge for cash when paying with a card purchase.

This service is called CashBack, and thanks to Mr. Alena bought groceries, picked up ten euros at the cash register, and the children could get rid of it, even if they had ice cream left.

For pensions to the store, you will go where you will see a sticker at the cash register with the logo in the payment card and the inscription CashBack. I didn’t know about this possibility at all, I just accidentally noticed that the customer standing in front of me used it. And so I tried it too, first Alena Michlkov. Abroad, these stores are not marked in any way. Therefore, we recommend customers to ask the possibility to speak Potovn spoitelny Marek Roll, where they pay with a card, in advance.

CashBack uiv hands
While in many countries of Europe, and especially in the United States, the cash register has been operating at the box office for several years, in the Czech Republic it is just getting started. In the autumn of last year, Hypernova and Albert were the first SOB and Potovn spoitelna to sell this service. In one city, you can take away cash from the store together with the purchase.

How does it work?
You must buy the goods for at least 300 crowns. At the cash register marked with a sticker, notify the seller before paying the purchase of the selected piece, which you will then receive with a thin one from the cash register and the card terminal. The CashBack stack, the purchase and the total match will be listed on them. The lower limit of the selected course is not limited, the bag must always be in the whole stock and up to a maximum of 1500 crowns. Uette so for withdrawals from ATMs, the service is free for all SOB cards, say Tom Kopeck. You can use an embossed or electronic card, VISA and Master-Card, credit and debit. The distribution of services to other stores is one of the best and should be available during this year.

Slubu zavd i esk spoitelna
Vera CashBack launched gave the bank. For the time being, only small traders offer the service. We intend to soon expand our business with vt partners, such as Interspar, said Kristna Havligerov from the press department of esk spoitelny.

At present, services can be used, for example, in the following stores: Groceries Alena Fibingerov in Prague-Radotn, Prague, Jednota Boskovice, Konzum st nad Orlic and Groceries Milo Brejcha in Libice nad Vltavou. Merchants are marked with a special sticker (next to the card logo is the inscription CashBack) and, as with SOB, customers can also buy for a minimum of 300 crowns for the issue of cash and up to 1500 crowns.

Salary for electronic and embossed MasterCard and VISA cards. esk spoitelna pays a fee for three crowns. In the future, the bank will be able to offer CashBack not only to its clients, but also to holders of payment cards of other conditions, if their bank allows them to do so. In the autumn, CashBack is set to introduce and give banks, such as Komern banka and Raiffeisenbank. HVB and ivnobanka will secretly meet the services of the first year.

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