You are not insecure against storms and hail, find out you are damaged

The codes that caused this summer’s storms, burning children, strong winds and hail, exceed it by one hundred million crowns and it will not end. However, some households find that the ivlm insurance is completely unpretentious and the payment codes are out of pocket.

Most binders offer protection against storm hazards and hail in the base cover. There are still products on the market for which these dangers are not covered in the basic or standard variant.

Anti-hail and fuse do not protect

“These are, for example, some insurance products of esk podnikatelská pojiovny or Uniqa pojiovny, for which clients should arrange a different package of insurance coverage,” points out Josef Rajdl, chief analyst at the consulting company Fincentrum.

“About five percent of our clients have property insurance, which does not include insurance risks of hail and more. These are cases where people want to take full account of their insurance and the full range of insurance offered, ”to Renata Svobodov, spokesman for the Czech Business Association. This is also confirmed by the speech of the Uniqa insurance company Eva Svobodov.

If you are not sure how you are insured and do not want to pay for any code, then study the insurance conditions of the existing contract. Find out how the scope of the code the insurance company will pay in case of daily payments and whether the insurance company responds to the current value of your property.

Property insurance me krt only pm codes

“In connection with the storm and hail, it is very important to see whether only the pm code will be covered by the given risk, for example the destruction of the roof. Or whether the related costs will also be paid, for example for the eviction of the real estate, if water enters the real estate through a very low roof, ”points out Josef Rajdl.

Pojiovny reports that the summer elements have been the largest parts in other countries and, according to then, in the western and middle Czechs, the codes have not escaped Prague either. However, this year is still calmer than 2010 in terms of natural codes.

According to Tom Zavoral, from esk pojiovny, they cause storms and whims to sell codes on real estate, households and gardens, as well as on hail vehicles. “Clients get codes for houses and households as a result of a storm, a tree, a store or other objects and lightning,” Zavoral points out. “We know from practice that if there is any calamity during the holidays, people will report it in the next few weeks,” concludes Vclav Blek, speaking to Allianz.

How to proceed when property pokod bouka and hail

  • Report the insurance claim to the insurance company by telephone.
  • If you have a photo camera, document the condition of your property, cars and damaged property.
  • If you do not have a camera, start cleaning and collect the damaged items in one place, where they will be documented by a mobile technician.
  • It takes the formation of gave codes.
  • Make a list of damaged vc with their price and st. Speed ​​up the search by collecting documents and those from these things.
    Source: Allianz

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