years, mortgage rates in May fell to 3.68 percent

The average year mortgage rate in May fell to 3.68 percent from 3.7 percent in April. Interest in mortgages has risen thanks to years of rates and discount banks. It follows from the Fincetrum Hypoindex.

The index monitors the average annual mortgage rate regardless of the period of fixation since 2003 and has published the latest data today. Not only during the existence of the indicator, the rates were in December, at 3.56 percent.

“Most banks left rates at the same level in May compared to the previous month, and the banks did not correct the previous increase in rates until June. The slight decrease in Fincentrum hypoindex is thus related to your preference for cheap fixations on the part of the client, ”said Josef Rajdl, chief analyst at Fincentrum Hypoindex.

In May, 6,309 clients arranged a mortgage. The total volume of such agreed contracts increased to 10.7 billion crowns. The people agreed on msc two, 5,435 mortgages for 9.07 billion crowns.

Also in May, banks offered a number of actions to support the sale of mortgages. By the end of the summer holidays, the mortgage bank will offer mortgages with progressive mortgages and mortgages with degressive payments without a fee for arranging a mortgage loan. Volksbank has extended the event, in which clients can issue mortgages with annual rates from 3.19 percent and a fee of 1,999 crowns.

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