years mortgage rates continue to rise

Interest in mortgage vry in the Czech Republic rose. In the ordinary, clients have agreed with banks almost six hundred mortgages, more than in the previous month. The current balance of 6,111 mortgages in the total volume of over ten billion crowns.

over the years, rates have risen slightly. From the 3.61 percent in Norway, they reached 3.68 percent. Volumes have risen to 10.32 billion, which is about one and a half billion more than in the burrow.

The most popular are stle ptilet and tlet fixation. Even in these fixation years, mrn rates have risen. They decreased only in variable mortgages by 0.27 percentage points. years in mortgages with a floating rate fell again below three percent, to 2.76 percent.

Summary for bezen 2012
Fixation period of the rate years All fixations 1 year 5 let
Hypoindex 3,68% 4,37 %* 3,53%*
Prmrn ve hypotk (tis.K) 1 693 2 256 1 689
Msn spltkahypotky 1 million for 20 years 5 890 6254 5861
Msn spltkahypotky 1mil.na15 let 7235 7581 7164
elovost vr
According to vr for purchase on the total pot, incl 60% 74% 62%
According to vr for construction on the total sweat, incl 21% 13 % 30%
According to other vr on the total sweat vr 20% 13 % 7%
Note: * Hypoten banka provided data only for average values, not for individual fixations, therefore these are averages without the inclusion of Hypoten banka.

The average in the mortgage was changed by pl million by one year of fixation. It is a fact that these mortgages were usually very small. No wonder when the average year rate for one-year fixation is 4.37 percent.

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