years mortgage rates are falling. He gave a decline is likely

The development of the mortgage market will benefit people who want to go home. For the average year, the rate of Fincentrum Hypoindex fell to 3.61 percent. And the decline is most likely.

At the end of June, the Czech National Bank cut the two-day repo rate to 0.5 percent, the Lombard rate fell to 1.5 percent. Last time, the NB lowered rates more than two years ago.

Some banks reacted to the rate cut by the Czech National Bank quite quickly. In the first few years, rates fell in July at esk spoitelna and UniCredit Bank. Wstenrot hypoten banka rates fell in mid-June. Vtina analysts expected this decision NB.

Although Volksbank did not change the rate for years, it newly set the fee for processing a mortgage fee at one crown.

Thanks to low years, the interest rate in June also rose. The people negotiated about 700 mortgages, not in May, a total of 7062. The total volume of new mortgages in June was 11.63 billion crowns, about a billion more than in May.

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