Work in call centers, spend time, but don’t last long

It’s warm work, in the office, demands for distance and talent are not reversible, pensions are worth it. Pesto is used in call centers after pr mscch.

It is the busiest office profession. The reason is not so much the number of created cities as their constant release. The people barely work at the head of a professional telephone operator. The biggest fluctuation is unrivaled in the telephone business, an estimated 70 percent, to Petr Jarolm from Axial’s staff.

Even though they make you a sunny sun, the work is so hard for many that only a few people can stand it.

The operators are subject to external demands, such as strong nerves, empathy and the ability to react quickly. At the same time, he must be able to advise the client and thus be able to deal with crisis situations, describes Kateina imkov, the founder of the Healthy Catering company. Their six telephone operators ensure that boxes of diet food reach those thousands of pages across the country.

Fuck the phone on the phone. If you are looking for such work at a bank or energy company, enter Customer Support in the search position. Work in telemarketing again, look for you with a business spirit, or it is a offered product. But there are many parts of all the names. Sales specialist, telephone consultant, customer line operator, customer support operator, debt collection specialist, customer service officer, client care assistant v They all call each other.

At the Healthy Eating client center, customers call from 8 am to 7 pm daily, and telephone operators answer e-mail questions. On average, we issue around 500 telephones and hundreds of e-mails on a daily basis, and requests for changes to meal programs, term deliveries, no exceptions, etc. are processed.

The first stress, the end of the work and at the other end still some demands make this office work mentally nron relaxed. Kateina has a real advantage, her company shared it in a small town, the fluctuations between the telephone operators are not so great.

The situation is high for large companies, where many do not even know their neighbor. According to the Salary port. cz is a great fluctuation not only among the telephonists themselves, but also among enthusiasts. In the position of call center supervisor, it is 48 percent, manager 46 percent, to Michal Novk from the job portal Profesia.

When the news comes

The environment, where the people quickly change and new ones, who are just rules, then heat up the ikan and other negative phenomena. One call after another and people are portrayed as a porcupine, including a conversation and one with the leader because I forgot to offer something, notes one of the Internet discussions about working in call centers. Buzerace from the management that not just as much as you should, in one center I experienced the tracking time, how long the hunter goes to the toilet, he gave.

Novkov has this in some companies, especially when they are somehow different. They can become ikana or even psychoteror. This is a psychological, long-term and provable shot, humiliation, stressful employee, remarks Ji Halbrtt, ManpowerGroup.

Companies need a telephone operator and, according to the portal, their average salary has increased by more than three thousand crowns in the last year. The pensions are quite sunny, the employee benefits include permits for sports, contracted students, congress competitions, a business phone, praises Vra Komnkov, who works in telecommunications.

How wages grow in the position of customer support
Year Average gross wage
2015 25 346 K
2016 26 922 K
2017 28 115 K
2018 29 658 K
2019 32 988 K


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