Without a continued revival of capital markets in 2010 will not grow

The beginning of the new year is a good thing to balance. The year 2009 on the capital markets was undoubtedly changed. Even though few villas would have arrived at his arrest, the stock and the commodity were doing unusually well. There is no clear opinion among experts on the development in 2010.

Last year’s arrest was marked by a decline and there was no significant growth in the interim. The bankruptcies of companies were accompanied by a drop in commodity prices and action, and a small number of traders soon turned around. The worst fears were not confirmed, and at the end of the winter growth grew on the markets.

There should have been a turnaround a few times during the year, but the depth of the correction did not drink. Traders persevered in their positions, helping to grow one of the largest international growths in history. Industrial companies continued to fail, and thanks to a protective balcony and a change in strategy.

Banks have begun to meet billions of financial aid, which have averted bankruptcy and helped them grow worst of time. The year 2009 ended positively on the financial markets and even the first trading days of this year do not deviate from this sentiment.

Although today the mood is much better than a year ago, there is no clear opinion on further development. Nobody has a pound ball and the view into the future is kept secret.

Some economists are two positive about economic development this year, but they point out the unsustainability of current growth and consider it only temporary.

Its essence and main factor is debt or pension, which in the form of various subsidies to public and private spills into the economies. Their main element is to restart the economy. If it fails, we can get to many mountains of the situation not today.

Another danger is the strict regulation of capital markets, which promise to introduce some countries of the European Union and the USA with the promise of better protection against the crisis. However, regulation has always resulted in inefficiency and, paradoxically, slows me down and stops me altogether.

The real effects of the crisis have somehow been forgotten. Debt is being broken out by new, jet-by-debt debt, and monetime expansion is being put into monetime expansion, with the door to a large extent, which in many times has proven to be inefficient and harmful. The long-term negative consequences of this policy are indisputable, but this year it may not manifest itself.

The danger in the long run exists and will fly as the markets for this ddictvm narrate. There is still a danger of hidden problems in banks, and even in individual economies. The events in Dubai are clear evidence that some facts may remain secret.

The outlook for the next period, despite the risk of risk, remains optimistic and most financial assets could grow at least in the first half of the year. The effects on commodity markets are currently very high. Demand in other and other Asian economies has not fallen for commodities, and if the dollar has not sent sharply, commodities will be on horseback in the coming months.

The stock bag has a lot to offer in 2009. In the short years of rates of central banks and at the same time good of the first economies, they can manage to go more than is generally assumed. However, traders must not forget the fact that the current life is kehk, built on shaky legs and the growth of capital markets can be expected only if the data from the economies continue to improve.

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