With the birth of a dog abroad, we have a fuse, but the offer is sparse

Insure not only yourself, but also your dog on the way abroad. This will avoid the eye from contact, which in the event of his or her ill leave would be lost. You can also insure the code that milek could cause in ps milek.

Only a company can insure a dog in the world. Pojitn veterinrn pe offers only five. You will find an offer at the joint responsibility for the code it calls. Both products are offered only as a connection to the travel insurance client.

Your invites must meet several basic conditions. It must first be the age of the MSc (in the case of Slavia, a six-month MSc), some of which have even limited the maximum age of the dog – between eight and ten years. In the case of the European Travel Insurance Company and the Czech Business Insurance Company (PP), do not meet the upper border border.

It goes without saying that the dog must be healthy, must travel with a valid passport and be marked with a ip (see the previous article for more details).

Travel insurance of the dog only as a connection

If you have the same travel insurance at the Czech Insurance Company, Slavia Insurance Company and PP, insure your dog only in case the castle is located abroad, if it invites sudden illness or injury. The Uniqa and European travel agents offer clients, in addition to the insurance costs of the veterinary service, as well as the responsibility for the code they could cause.

According to the insurance company, the insurance limits for costs incurred for veterinary treatment abroad range from ten to fifty thousand crowns. Apart from Uniq, all other insurance companies require client participation. esk pojiovna even reimburse only 70 percent of the cost of veterinary oeten.

Products include veterinary care and code responsibilities
Pojiovna product Insurance limit (in K) / in part Insurance (in K)
esk pojiovna pipojitn k cest. client insurance 30 tisc – vet. pe / 30 percent nklad about 25 / day (1)
esk business insurance company pipojitn k cest. client insurance 10 tisc, 20 tisc, 30 tisc – vet. pe / 500 na poj. udlost from 19 / day
European travel insurance company SingleTrip, Celoron MultiTrip 50 thousand – vet. pe; 200 thousand – answer to health; 100 thousand – answer on property / 1000 on insurance. event 490 – up to 31 days; 1 690 – celoron
Slavia pipojitn u cest. poj. SVT 15 thousand – vet. on Europe; 30 thousand – vet. on other lands / 500 per unit. event 25 / day – Europe; 45 / day – remaining land
Uniqa Pojitn domcho pet 15 thousand – vet. pe; responsibility for the code according to the responsibility at the client’s securities / without co-participation fixn 50 + 10 / den
Source: pojiovny; (1) client with a pet Mazlek 17.50 crowns / day

The premium ranges in the breath of several tens of crowns per day. Only with the European Travel Insurance Company pay one-off either for a year or for a maximum of 31 days. esk pojiovna to its clients, who have a single connected Pet, automatically reduces insurance by 30 percent.

The breed is also affected by the weight of the breed, its specific destination, and whether the dog will spend a holiday in the Alps or by swimming in the sea in Croatia.

Dog way to code, do not even blink

Even the longest dog can hurt someone or destroy something. Financial consequences can be protected from financial consequences. Most of the connection codes caused by the dog cover the insurance liability of the client arranged for his travel insurance, or for the insurance household. You only come across AXA and Direct couplings, they do not cover those codes caused by a dog abroad.

A similar case was, for example, Slavia. “The client traveled abroad with his dog. While walking around the city, he ran away and bit the locals. After returning from leave, he received an invoice for 1,690 euros. Thanks to the fact that he had unified insurance liability for the code, the insurance company provided him with an insurance indemnity of over 40 thousand crowns, ”says Jan Brta, a representative of the insurance company.

Insurance limits for health codes are around two million, for property codes around one million and financial codes around half a million. Daily insurance is up to about ten crowns a day.

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