With promises of secure cards, no free bag

esk spoitelna announced that since then it has been expanding the insurance misuse of payment cards and at the same time reducing the client’s liability in the event of its loss or theft. Is this offer really so unique? Isn’t it just a matter of millions of clients?

If today the client of esk spoitelny loses a payment card or is stolen, he will definitely lose his unjustified pension and he will definitely lose the moment the card is lost. The bank is currently responsible for unjustified transactions and from reporting losses, resp. card blocking.

The bank will now be liable for unauthorized transactions with a lost or stolen payment card in excess of CZK 4,500 within 48 hours before the card is blocked. Apart from its responsibility, the transaction is carried out using a PIN. This corresponds to the recommendations contained in the Sample Business Conditions for Issuance and Inside of NB Electronic Payment Instruments. The NB (model conditions) recommended it from the end of 2002, the issue was issued and on January 1, 2003 in connection with the acquisition of the activity of the payment system. esk spoitelna is thus the first bank to similarly limit the liability imposed.

However, the new feature from January 1, 2007 will mean that it will continue to secure the card, especially if you have problems with the remembered PIN. Insurance misuse of the card will also apply to transactions made using a PIN.

The insurance card covers the risks associated with the misuse of the payment card, new and 96 hours before the blocking of all transactions with the PIN and the insurance contribution of 4,500 crowns, but not only them. It also applies to other valuables, he will probably come with a payment card. Therefore, do not have to despair even over the issued pensions for new documents, for the exchange of a change in two apartments or over the first cash collected and immediately stolen – in the change it is also equally valid. According to January, esk spoitelna decided to double the insurance cover in January for the first time in case of loss or theft of keys and personal documents and thus for theft of cash. Surprisingly, these rights did not affect the final prices under the new conditions. These can be applied to new conditions even by those who have agreed to their insurance cards, or the new conditions also apply to them from that year.

Parameters related to the loss of the esk spoitelny payment card from 1 January 2007 in K
Abuse insurance cover Stolen cash Documents and kle price
10 000 10 000 8 000 170
30 000 10 000 8 000 320
50 000 10 000 8 000 480

M competition on top?

Insurance misuse of a payment card is now a commonly offered banking product, which is usually not arranged automatically for the card. An exception is e.g. BAWAG Bank CZ, where the first insurance misuse of the payment card in case of loss or theft of the standard system and the price of this insurance includes it directly in the fee for the payment card.

However, there are only slight deviations between the offers of individual banks, insurance risks are similar and thus similar in similar proportions. The differences are e.g. in all insurance coverage, but also in the final price of insurance. You can get the highest insurance cover from SOB (Extra variant), namely 200 thousand crowns. Such a fuse will cost 1300 crowns.

Thus, the offer of Komern banka is interesting from a certain point of view. While the first card is issued for 276 CZK, the second insurance costs only 192 crowns. This is especially interesting for those who use two credit cards in their families here. The period before blocking, resp. The stop list, to which the insurance card applies for executed unauthorized transactions, is arranged by clients of two banks. At HVB Bank CZ and eBanka in, this time is even 120 hours. esk spoitelna is not the only bank where you can meet the insurance of unauthorized transactions authorized by PIN. It recently introduced this service with its Raiffeisenbank insurance cards. The amount of unauthorized transactions that will be covered will not exceed 10 thousand crowns.

how netrpt kvli limitm?

In the event that the client of esk spoitelna will not be left to spend its finances on the bank and its balance will thus reach only tens of thousands of values, then the offer S is interesting not only in price but also in insurance conditions. From a certain point of view, only its competitors (eg SOB with coverage and CZK 200,000, no fee for the insurance type of card at KB, HVB Bank and eBanka with an insurance period before blocking the card of 120 hours, Raiffeisenbank with PIN transactions), but often under less favorable conditions, such as the price, even in the insurance cover.

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