With economist Mojmer Hampl about how heaven is low for Czechs

Mojmr Hampl is a recognized Czech economist, a former vice-governor of the Czech National Bank and thus a publicist and visionary. Pednel in many countries of the world and published hundreds of lnk. He has published a brand new book called For Heaven is Heaven Low. He grasps chc vc !, which is a probe into the nature of ech and eskho nroda. Sometimes and ruthless.

There are 10.5 million extraordinary people in the Czech Republic, notes Mojmr Hampl, and in his author’s book he tries to find answers to the various questions that are inherent in the Czech nation. His scales are worth a mistake. provided a number of them in an exclusive interview for iDNES.cz

Have you ever considered moving out of the Czech Republic?
Upmn no. I once had the idea that I could not work abroad for a while and have this work experience. But I would be sorry if I moved out of here permanently. I would have to honor that if we didn’t live in a free country, I would probably have such thoughts. But I’m glad I don’t have to have such a strain in my head at all and I can go abroad.

What vs here dr?
The fact that it is here in time, through everything you ask for on the ground.

But no matter how long there is.
I’m quite sorry. I must honor that I was repeatedly on my way abroad and returning home surprised by how positive other values ​​of our country are, as a beautiful country to live on. I can confirm this in comparison with the close and distant surroundings. Here at home, the bag is often skeptical and damned. This is a typical skepticism for a number of Czech people, but I do not have it.

In your book, you say that we are not great patriots, we do not raise flags like other nations.
We do not deny it, we are not like Poles, Slovaks, Maai and Rakuan.

Is that so for that?
I’m looking for an answer and it would be very confused if I said I was looking at her. I have a feeling that even after 30 years of freedom, we do not fully take our country as our own. That’s a bit of a problem. Everywhere, take care of your space, your garden, your dm. This is nice on average, but in the midst of what is a long time, we take a lot of space. We also take the public space as a stranger.

Why is it possible to see a long time, not beyond the doorstep of your house and homeland, and be interested in what is happening elsewhere?
I think it is important to realize that when we are a co-owner, a shareholder of this country, we are not its employees, we are its owners. Politicians are our employees. the same applies in relation to the European Union. But we don’t read at all that we are co-owners, that we are members of a community of unit owners, and politicians are our employees who pay. It is important that we realize this and make it known. A little while, we consciously make mistakes and find out that we are playing a little below our potential on the international scene. You widow, who has a smaller population, not our country, is playing internationally over the potential of nine million countries, because that is what widows want.

How is vs dnen esko?
In contrast to a number of politicians who say that it is destroyed, corrupt, destroyed and destroyed in a country where nothing is possible, that we are a colony, an assembly plant that I hear repeatedly, these are according to the sentences that degrade us internally. I don’t take these sentences too much, and compared to the DJ line, which a lot of people in public space take and so bag it: It’s in vain, but it can at least hit, as it is, j km the complete opposite: It’s great here , but we do not develop our potential, we could go long. Heaven is low for our Czechs. The potency here is much more. But to use this potential, realize that our country is in principle good and we should be proud of it.

But we also had a moment.
Yes, our country experienced a very long time, two occupations, people going abroad, emigration, brain loss, the destruction of property relations, the destruction of the capital base. In just 100 years. After all, after 30 years of transformation and a return to freedom, we are the undisputed winner of the prosperous countries of the world. And the rest of us take it that way. It is incomprehensible to me that we cannot realize this ourselves.

How strong are our sites?
The ability of five and the ability of all, in the good sense of the word, to finally adapt to the circumstances and go. Urit is also a conservatism. they do not have a natural tendency to bend and live by fables and great tales about how things change. Let’s stand firm on the ground. That’s what I think are our strong sites.

And how are our weak points?
The downside is that we often don’t think and try what we can do. It’s like that bird when you look at the rest, like years, and he k: Mm try it? Mm try it? I’d rather not. And then he’s frustrated that he saw the last year and he didn’t try. But I think it happens to me as we realize that we are living in a good country.

m is it that we can grind firmly on the ground and have the ability to pet?
I think we were quite out of it. Without unnecessary risk, it allows for five different regimes, twists, and unfavorable circumstances. The flip side of the bag is that I let it jump too high, because we have a feeling that we have to prepare for the worst even in times that are otherwise nice. This leads to the fact that we don’t go up two, we couldn’t.

You wrote in your book that they are a bit like calculators, love discounts and buy in them. When we buy at a discount, we take it as a game and when we find out that we could buy to go cheaper, kme, that someone robbed us again. How do you get it?
I think this is the flip side of the pennant of conservatism. ei take discounts so that it is their smart decision. kaj si: J mm fitrn, j pobe bought. But when we buy something, let’s not say it’s our wrong decision, we say: He robbed me. There is a piece of black passage in it, which k: J for nothing, I am not responsible for anything, somewhere else longs something wrong. That frustrates me a little.

Should we get rid of such consideration? Would you move it in?
I think so. It’s a bit of a lid, which is on our paper and brn nm, so that a little more comes out.

According to vs, they are also conservative, and when it comes to pensions, let’s be afraid to take risks. Are we so canned?
I think it’s because economists like this short-term horizon. kme si: Mainly to make pensions until the beginning, in a week, for the msc at rest. Echo much more was the loss of what I know, not possibly sacrificed profit, which he fought for, that he did not invest otherwise. Therefore, even with the low years of the rates you stand for, they have a lot of income on ordinary technologies. It is a piece of identity that is typical of echoes. I do not evaluate it negatively, it is an analytical fact, a description of reality, mentality, what is long in our country.

On the contrary, we are very open to new things, we are the leaders in contactless payments and in the use of mobile phones, in which we invest a lot of pensions. In terms of technical innovations and mobile phones, we are often ahead of other countries. Therefore, a lot of technical innovations are being tested on the market and it is found that when it works in Czech, it will work elsewhere.

In the Czech nature, it is also the fact that many people think that someone is behind something for them. We are a permanent builder.
But Rakuan so.

What about the darkness? D does that change?
the hunter cannot change completely. And I don’t know that due nodo will change me completely. You can often km: Hample, don’t behave like that, you always have trouble with the rest, they start with you. When I talk about prejudices in other countries, I know they don’t. So I am, so it is often honored and I always get up and say: Don’t do it, don’t be afraid when someone knows prejudice in your country. So don’t tell the others.

Should we be a little confused about things with a view?
Urit. If you stay permanently at your home and your family, I won’t be able to do very well there. I think let’s know when we realize where we are going. To this day, we are a country in which it is fully produced. There are a lot of countries that see that we have such a developed industry and that would give them nothing if they had such potency. And we throw it off by saying: Montovna! I don’t like anything as much as this statement.

Zan talk about the recession that is manifesting itself in Germany. Mme se recese bt?
We have been connected with Germany for a long time. I would say that the idea of ​​getting ready for the mountains is fine. On the other hand, it should not be the case that thanks to painting a picture on black everything is so black, and in the end the reality is many mountains, it should not have to be.

The last recession we experienced in 2011 and 2013 was exactly a testament to what we can do. We created the recession ourselves. we clung to the brakes because something was happening somewhere in the irm and far away. we said that it was necessary to get ready for the wolf, that we would not consume or invest. households and businesses. In economics, it is cruel, so cause the recession. It is time to be ready, but the main thing is not to beat, there is no need to see the eras around every corner. But it is clear that the cyclical development of the economy continues, it has always been so. We will always have mountains and better times. As a matter of course, don’t worry about those mountains and you go hormi.

So how do we think that if we go up and the sky is not low.
Vm, e nae zem me jt nahoru. It takes an end to selfishness, a sense of self-confidence and a lower price that the two ourselves. Then the others will have it. No one will ever give us a good price for our work or for the results of our intellectual endeavors, unless we read the price ourselves. This in the market salary terribly cruel. Welcome and know that we have to go for it, it is necessary to assume that this will happen. And when we can’t, I think we can stop. He wants to think inverted, umt to revenge, just a little off. There is absolutely no reason why Italy and France should not go to our country and not be rich to you.

Mte dti, ute je grind like this?
I hope you know what you want at home. Vnmaj, for me on the back of the car a small Czech flag. They’re crazy about it.

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