With credit you can go to the pumps for a discount

The growing cost of living has been more and more difficult to think about, where and how to learn as much as possible. It is therefore not surprising that there are usually the first sellers in the Czech Republic who guarantee the lowest prices on the market and offer various discounts. How much is the interest in similar possibilities associated with the payment card and fuel?

According to Factum Invenio’s survey of fuel purchasing habits, seven out of ten private car owners found a relatively interesting payment card, and their use of fuel would reduce their discounts. Each of these people will take out his payment card after refueling at the pump. Aunt of respondents would prefer a discount on fuel over discounts associated with the purchase of other goods and services, a tenth would then prefer rewards in the form of drk from the offer catalogs.

nothing paid?

The price of petrol pumps is decided by the price

According to the questionnaire, the participants in the research were what motivates them the most to choose a specific filling station. The answer was not surprising – in the first place it is the price of fuel, in a large increase for them then decides on the choice of local gas station. The average fuel route is 1452 crowns less, which is definitely not negligible in the family budget.

The study was commissioned by Citibank, which has been offering its clients a new Shell MasterCard credit card since last week. It tries to copy the demand with its parameters and thus connect the credit card with the discount system.

What is its main selling password? Associated with the Shell logo, which allows Shell MasterCard credit cardholders to apply a discount at the world of petrol stations for the purchase of fuel and other goods, even outside the Czech Republic. From 1 February 2007, the cardholder will automatically receive a 3% discount on a liter of Shell fuel and 1% on all other purchases. From now until the end of January 2007, each cardholder will receive twice the change in a favorable period (ie 6% when buying Shell fuel and 2% of all other purchases, and this bonus will be included in the first 60 days of the card) . Received bonuses (cumulated with additional cards) will then be able to apply to the purchase of fuel at Shell, as well as other goods and services, however, only the ground R.

The novelty from Citibank exists in two variants – silver (stock) and gold. The silver card of its owner costs CZK 850, gold CZK 2,500. For it, offer a card that can be used to pay in cash and with an unlimited period for a maximum of 55 days, including two additional cards provided free of charge. If you do not use the free period or withdraw pensions from an ATM, prepare for one year at a rate of 26.4% and pay a fee of 3.5% of the selected amount for each transaction, min. 89 crowns. If you lose it, you can block it for free. It gave a more pleasant characteristic, not the first changes, including the universal use of cards due to the MasterCard brand. The card is not used for a specific business, and only with one of the filling stations, as is the case, for example, with some so-called refueling cards.

we want it mainly for ourselves

The competition from Citibank does not have to worry about the competition

The only equivalent of such a payment card can be found at Komern banka. It offers its clients, however, unlike Citibank only from a number of entrepreneurs, an electronic payment card Visa Electron under the name Karta Dynamic. Its advantage is a 2.2% dispute on all purchases at Benzina filling stations, as well as the versatility of using the Visa Electron system.

Most cards providing discounts on fuel do not come from a range of bank cards, but refueling cards (eg Agip MULTICARD, BENZINA cards, and CCS cards). The consequence will then be changed to the business sphere rather than the private sphere. Then stand a little on the side and slightly falter offers for new citizens – natural persons of non-entrepreneurs.

I don’t want a free discount

Although Citibank’s offer answers the demand, it somewhat reminds me of the motto “I don’t want a free discount”. The price of the Shell card is not exactly the same. If you only go with a discount on the purchase of fuel in more than one percent, the “investment” will be included in the annual fee for the card (850 K) and the purchase of fuel in the amount of about 28,333 crowns – the sum of the purchase, not how survey corresponded to the average cost. (For gold cards, the “limit of suitability” for the route is 83 333 K.) Of course, the fact that if you use any payment card, pay the same fee for it in the same way, even if it is a debit card, credit. However, other cards can be significantly cheaper than 850 crowns, for certain conditions you can even have them for free. And let’s not talk about the fact that if the client does not withdraw a credit card period, his costs will increase by a few years. Of course, the taking of discounts per one pump feature is also limiting.

It is desirable that there are more offers with loyalty programs on the Czech market and the consumer can choose between them. This is the rule of maximum obesity – not all products pay off. Some discount vs me come out quite expensive.

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