Win a Porsche Cayman in an investment contest

Tet ronk investin competitions of X-Trade Brokers starts. As in previous years, the main price for this is a Porsche Cayman. The one who best values ​​his virtual capital of 10,000 euros will get it.

You can register for the competition from the middle to the end of June. The competition itself starts on the 5th and end on the 30th of June. Every citizen of the Czech Republic aged 18 years will stand up for me.

All competitors will receive a virtual virtual capital of 10,000 euros, which will try to help with the help of various financial instruments. Who will do the best Porsche Cayman.

In addition to the main prices, prices are also prepared for the best weekly investors (always one man and one woman). You get a mobile PDA assistant.

The three hundred best contestants will then receive an invitation to the galaveer submitted on November 26 in Prague, where they will receive their prizes.

Even those who have no experience can increase the investment. Investigators can withdraw the applicant’s offers and complete the knees free of charge during the competition.

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