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We have learned not to waste it with prescription drugs. Even so, he will add an average of 817 crowns from his own pocket. You do not have to tell how much you have to pay per lk. But let me inform you when you submit it.

Each of the inhabitants of lkai exhibits an average of seven recipes, which is about two less than in 2006. This fact confirms that for lkyi we go to lkai with me often and usually only for those we need. However, unexpected situations can occur even during a routine inspection.

The example is Mr. Irena from Prague. “Lka prescribed me for the lk exam. dn didn’t have an inca, so I handed him a recipe. He told me that I would lk in the surgery and in lkrn I would add for him. He demanded 540 crowns for those boxes. When I paid, I noticed that the samples were not for sale, ”describes Irena.

“It’s completely inadmissible,” to Ji Rod, speaking of the General Health Insurance Company. He has enough samples to get acquainted with them and gain experience. “There is nothing to pay for the samples, so they must not ask the castle patients for them,” adds Veronika Petlkov, a spokesman for the State of Livestock Control (SKL).

If you get into a situation where you want to sell such a drug, the team violates the law and threatens a fine (about corruption in the prescription here). “The patient can file a condition for the control of drugs in case of improper handling and violation of the drug,” Petlkov warns.

In the surgery, lk can be obtained only by exception

It is good to know that in small villages, where there are no lilies, they can provide prescription drugs directly in the surgery, such as antibiotics. But only when you need to put them on the moment and you do not have the opportunity to go into the distance. “The patient in this case does not pay for the provided lk. If the costs of the medicine and the health care provided are reimbursed by the health insurance company when the performance is reimbursed, ”warns SKL.

An exception is the shackle, which is not covered by health insurance. If you have a vaccine in the office, the patient’s bag must inform you in advance how much the administration of the unit itself costs.

Ask the lkae about the price of the lkae and possible supplements

If the article prescribes a new one, do not be afraid to ask him if the castle connects it completely or you will have to pay for it. According to the VZP spokesman, he is not obliged to inform any patient about the price of the price and to pay the surcharge in advance, but if he does so, he should share the information.

If you find out if the supplement is too high, ask if they have cheaper liv with the same other substance, ie generic lk. They can then release such live in the lkrn immediately and thanks to that. However, if the substance on the recipe indicates that the change is not possible, consult with them, for whom they may not prescribe another cheaper substance.

You can find out the maximum prices, including the surcharge, which you can pay yourself. This is publicly available information, which can be found on the SKL website (details on each item can be found here). It is possible to learn on the city in large cities with the fact that you can ask for the current price in more places.

Some substances may only be prescribed by a specialist

In some cases, only a specialist specialist, such as an oncologist, rheumatologist and gynecologist, may prescribe it. If such a person is prescribed by a practitioner or other specialist, the health insurance company will charge them this unjustified prescription as an expense. “Let’s actively look for such cases,” said General Health Insurance Company.

However, it may happen that you are away from living, if you urgently need it or that it will happen, and its prescription cannot be ensured by a professional. In exceptional cases where your health is endangered, you should first apply for a prescription drug to another specialist or practitioner. “He must record this in the medical records, inform the revision doctor and file an exemption and the castle for the prescription of such a drug.”

If you go to the hospital, it is not necessary to take the medicines you normally mention. “During hospitalization, the medical facility must provide the patient with all the preparations, both long-term and newly indicated. And at no extra charge. Only in cases where the patient is very unusual in life, is it good to take him to the hospital with you, not to provide him with medical care, ”Rod warns.

When you are discharged from the hospital, you must receive medication for three days, and in drainage cases for the necessary time.

Pedepsat lk me lka nkdy i odmtnout

It also happens that the person refuses to prescribe the required drug. Even if you want to pay for it. “She should refuse to prescribe live medicine mainly for professional reasons, for example due to unintentional side effects that could worsen the health condition or due to interaction with other drugs. This decision should always be justified so that the patient does not have doubts about the quality of health care provided, ”to Rod.

She also refuses to prescribe a person who does not know. “Of course, I should be fooled by enough patients. It is natural that she prefers a pediatrician with whom she has good experience. If the patient is not satisfied with the drug, he has the opportunity and first to choose another drug, ”concludes Ji Rod.

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