Who makes the most in IT? Some professions are not 50 thousand crowns

Information technology experts can choose from job offers. But don’t like ajk, so keep up with trends in informatics. Which professions are first and which will be in demand in five years?

From a teenager who is fascinated by PC games and going to the IT circle, there is no growing professional. At least not now. According to data from the analytical platform WebMedea, which from last autumn to this year recorded the search for words from the Internet searches Google and Seznam, the demand for medium rounds from the exchange of information technology and computer graphics is very small compared to other fields.

The search center is led by economic rounds followed by sports rounds, say Michal Rost for WebMedea services. The wheels will be exchanged for an IT survey with an average of 1,500 people, and a similar number of sights will have, for example, ecologically exchanged wheels. The interesting thing is that the actor wants to be a young student, the result is Michal Rost.

On the other hand, those who can’t get around the wheel are companies that IT experts lack. Candidates to study cycling by ten percent every year, we still have to choose from it. In general, however, the shortage of IT specialists is constantly deepening. The demand for our graduates has increased more than tenfold in the last five years, to Martin Vodika, Director of Private Secondary Wheels, including Technology in Prague.

Fast board

It is common that in lucrative fields they earn the sun in the second and third rounds, middle-aged people do not have such trouble. With the exception of the first student in information technology.

Unlike their peers, who work brigades in restaurants and call centers, most IT students are able to go in their field to go before graduation. Our students are aware of their prices and many of them start their own companies on the bike, for example to create web pages. Today, our students go on internships to former graduate companies, points out the editor Vodika.

What companies do students want? Mainly versatility. Due to the lack of ajk, it is better for companies to educate a student than to look for a ready-made specialist for a given position. Even juniors offer external cooperation and work for a long time and do not even require, unlike other fields, previous experience.

The desire for universality is filled in here, which is confirmed by both the employer and our graduates in practice. We know information technology as a whole, because a graphic designer can create websites and the web should master the basics of graphics and understand the database behind the web. In IT, in short, everything is related to m. The programmer must be able to program programming languages ​​and at the same time be familiar with graphic programs or to control computers in which programming is common, Vodika explains.

Kamenkem IT is a twist

Although, at first glance, companies need any help, there are professions that are given and often even paid so much.

The largest bites are generally for companies developers. Both the developer and the developer create the software with the help of programming languages. The development position accounts for 40.8 percent of total demand in the IT labor market. Among the best technologies are PHP, Android and Java, adds Michal Rost. According to him, the student will not be fooled if he focuses on web technologies, mobile platforms and een companies.

On average, they earn around 50 thousand gross currency, but this does not mean that their salary cannot be doubled. Salaries are mainly in Prague, says Jan Silber, one of the founders of the job portal Jobstack.it.

A similar amount is averaged for IT analysts who work closely with their developers. They take care of the company’s information system, or the client’s information system, thoroughly analyze processes, look for the most suitable solution and suggestions for improvement, the profession Jan Silber approaches.

According to the job portal Profesia.cz, the profession of IT architect and product manager is one of the best paid professions. The average salary for this position is 78 thousand gross. The work of an architect is usually so wide and in many companies different that it is necessary to describe it in general. Its role is important both in the building and in the operation of the system itself.

In contrast, the product manager’s position is purely dc, I am in charge of moving the project forward. People in all positions, of course, get the highest salaries, with the exception of esticifern nets, Silber represents.

At least pay the first

Even in information technology, there is a position that, although under the salary of the time and reaches the minimum Czech average, nevertheless do not excel in other fields. These include webmasters, desktop managers and service technicians. In short, the people who take care of the white, as m. They themselves eliminate minor faults and keep them running, explains Jan Silber.

Although they are paid by me in the field of IT, they are compensated by the great demand for their work. they often get too out of their main job, they can also get interesting things.

Security goes ahead

Who will be in the fastest mncm field at the top in five years, is estimated. What at first looks like science fiction, quickly picked up and companies introduced news.

The world of information technology has changed the world with an incredible speed and a lot of originally small startups such as Facebook, Uber, Airbnb over the years. Technology is far, mon dl no company. In the future, it will be an adaptation to new technical possibilities and their effective use. The combined economy, the sharing of services, the autonomous management of vehicles and, for example, bitcoin and the change of the banking world, will be the darkness of the future, estimates Stanislav Petek from TP Consulting.

Much can be estimated from the demand and the offered salary. According to the Profesia.cz portal, IT is one of the best paid IT specialists for security. According to experts, cyber defense is one of the darkness of the future, as is the cloud environment for data storage or artificial intelligence. Salaries are above average in these sectors and we will still see their growth. The demand is not only for qualified professionals, but also for people who can work in the dark, communicate and get to know the company. The first such people are the employers of the awards the most, notes Jan Silber.

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