Which stl is today, among others? What is communicated to the workplace or hot desking

Companies et. Somewhere they take benefits, elsewhere they take a percentage of salaries or even work desks. For those who don’t have an idle at the table, they go to work in the tern or on the sofa.

The city has worked its way to the end of work. From January of the first year, several employees with a short relationship to one job will have clear rules.

There is also a kind of variant of the city. It is not influenced by the law, but run by the company. When going to work, an employee usually takes things from the board and chooses any job in the office, explains Sndor Bodnr, director of staff at Hays R.

But these are just a number, usually not employees. The hot desking model has not yet been a widely established trend in the Czech Republic. Companies began to appear more than ten years ago. There are two in multinational companies.

Vodafone, for example, had a policy communicated during the Oscars. Today, it reduces the offices of many companies. It turned out that office space is a large and dark track. Most people have been able to operate from home during the pandemic era, so a number of companies have offices or reduce them, to Barbora Tomovsk of the Touchdown headhunter agency.

When rno jin soused

Large companies approached him and backed away from it. The system, when several people of different positions were one table long, did not fit.

It can best be used in so-called paperless offices, ie in offices that can do without a large volume of these documents. This is due to the cloud application now feasible, with Sndor Bodnr from Hays.

The companies are most often introduced to business positions. Traders spend a lot of time in tern and are not upright in the job, explains Sndor Bodnr. However, hot desking was also popular in IT, administration, HR or finance.

One of the companies where they have hot tables is the telecommunications company T-mobile.

Yes, we work in shared spaces, where my table is not the people. About 20 percent, somewhere even more. Employees can use work from home in agreement with the enthusiast, which, especially during the coronavirus period, significantly accelerated the company’s transition to long-distance cooperation. The Crown has shown that it is possible to spend money in the home environment, activities, two of which we did not consider, for example, the infoline, explains Martina Kemrov from T-mobile.

The shared workplaces have their pros and cons of them from us are accustomed to their office with the same desk, chairs and flowers on the windowsill, with the same colleagues in the side towns.

In the past, it was a lot to see if he was in a position where the employee would not have a table with a photo of his close ones, but suddenly it was not such a problem and the company turned to this one, to Barbora Tomovsk from Touchdown.

After the forced pause, companies turn over every crown and the case with the names of the offices was longer in lb. Some companies offer this system of work as an advantage, some of which are common practices following the example of foreign branches. Given that it is necessary to make sure that the city is completely empty, without any documents, it may be appropriate, for example, to reduce the risk of damage and data loss, plus one plus Sndor Bodnr at Hays.

The owner presses on the dream cost and efficiency of the use of jobs. The company did not have any disputes about the cost of the workspace, but they would exchange the work in coordination. Hot desking requires flexibility from the people, the ability to adapt to the conditions, and not so of course, to Martin Kemrov.

Pidvaj se i mal company

Perhaps to do more than the organization of work, it is important to ensure sufficient peace of mind at this time. From the point of view of the employer, there is currently a problem as to whether this method of work is sustainable, provided that it is necessary to comply with increased hygiene requirements, see Bodnr.

Another thing is digital literacy. The natural system of such a way of working is controlled by digital tools for a long time communicating a document, video conferencing and so on. People then have to get used to the idea that they work from home, and if they are at work, then their cities and colleagues at the next tables, Kemrov remarks.

Dream money does not only affect large companies. You want to use the medium and small ones in the office space. Then start filling coworking centers, which are directly exchanged for this way of work.

Whenever a company that rents an office with us, I can use it for any number of employees, depending on who just needs to work.

It quickly takes a full place in the next Brno cow Mo-cha. The tables at our company have proved very successful in our company. Let’s make the most of the opportunity to meet new creative people, share ideas and inspiration, to the client Barbora from the company offering services in the field of social copper.

And he gave himself to the people. Orders have increased recently, companies have realized that coronavirus monitors do not need to commit to long-term rental offices, but that their home office worked for me during the quarantine period, and therefore they can rent one table in a coworking center, says Petra Klov. , the founder of Mo-cha.

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