Where to put your pension so that the income covers at least inflation

Spoic you don’t spend much, but they are safe. As well as building spoons. If you do not go from payment to payment and you still have some pension left, it is not reasonable to leave them at home here or even at home in the ass. Inflation is cutting them out.

So where to invest? Find out how the pros and cons of each type of spoen are. On bnm, but clings to spoicm, leave a reserve here. How much will it be, bad for vs, but aside you should at least have msn income. If you are the only breadwinner or you are an entrepreneur and do not pay for sick leave, it should be possible.

The advantage here is that pensions are available at any time and can be connected in the event of a bank failure. The income will not fully cover inflation (the best savings offer an currently appreciated 2.5 percent per year). You pay 15% income tax on the profit, ie on what the years earn. You don’t have to worry about paying taxes, you pay it for the bank.

If you have about two thousand crowns left, you can consider building savings. To evaluate the percentage of ron, you get the support and two thousand crowns ron. In the six years of the mandatory duration of the contract, the building savings reaches 3.7 percent of the value.

The advantage is the insurance of the deposit and the possibility of drawing on the housing. The disadvantage is the fees, the mandatory savings period and the fact that from 2014 you will be able to prove the use of state support. Here, too, the input (what you spent on the years) is taxable.

“To get a better value, about 5.8 percent, get a retirement bag only if you are 55 years old and older, but only 5 years of compulsory savings,” recommends Tom Kuera from Benefita. Pension-related is not a connected product, but they will not charge fees in it.

If you are sure, you can first buy savings bonds with a maturity of 1.5 years and seven years. Potat can with an average yield of 2.05 and 3.41 percent. Bonds can be purchased from one thousand crowns, they can be purchased at selected branches of SOB, esk spořitelna, Komern banka and J&T.

Details at www.sporicidluhopisycr. cz. Bonds can be bought until the end of May at the latest, but the bag will be similar to the autumn, as the sale will be completed for two to a large extent.

The principle for investing in the fund is simple: the fund buys bonds and shares, earns money on them and distributes the profit among those who have paid him pensions. The place where you only need a thousand months in it, ie a stunt for which you would not have bought an event for an interesting day.

When you invest for a period of less than half a year, you do not have to pay tax on the profit, but you will see that this period will be extended to three years. Depending on where you invest. No, but no return can be expected for a bond fund, the risk with anc for your profit is for a equity fund. You do not risk losing at the funds of the captives, you are in them for a while. When buying a fund, take into account the fees, you are with a mutual fund.

How much does it cost me to invest in the fund
Msn loka 2 000 K
Investin horizont 30 let
Total own deposit 720 000 K
Value at the end 1 988 201 K
Average evaluated 5,95 %
Real deposit (after 4% inflation) 408 179 K
Reln input at the end 995 633 K
Entrance fee (paid in the first 19 months of investment) 23 400 K
Note: Evaluation is not guaranteed, it is a prerequisite for the basis of long-term analyzes. Source: Partners

Whoever decides to buy specific actions, risks the most. Profit can be doubled in a few days, but you can lose everything.

“The minimum capital for investment is 20 thousand crowns, but it is more commercial to test. In order to be able to spread the risks responsibly, it is necessary to pay more, ”explains Ji Mike from the consulting company Moneco. You will trade on the stock exchange through a broker. Sweat to pay him for it. Choose a reputable broker, preferably one, he is not paid for the transaction, but the reward is according to the profit he issued for vs.

Expert: Spote regularly and fees pay prbn

Questions related to a small investment response Pavel Filipi, Head of Marketing for Retail Banking at Komern banka.

When should a hunter end up paying a pension and should have something worthwhile?
It is mainly used for payment transactions, it is advisable to have the amount of cash corresponding to the gross amount. In the event of an emergency, I recommend having a reserve of approx.

Does it pay for an investment where the castle charges at once in advance?
castle all fees in advance, with the exception of building society banking practice. The castle before it may be a certain motivator for staying at the originally intended investment duty, but in the case the pension did not arise, the fee paid before it was changed.

Is it good to invest the same amount on a regular basis, regardless of whether the investment yields as well as delays?
Thanks to the regular investment client actually buys gradually at different prices, the risk is reduced. Returns on regular investments very often strengthen the performance of one-year investments, for which it is difficult for an expert to determine the “right time” and thus prevent a well-timed investment decision.

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