When you don’t get vr, eenm is an atypical mortgage

You have low income, you are not able to record all invoices or you work for a definite period. Even so, you can get a mortgage. Just probably pay vc, not bn. Even so, it is better than you, consumer incl.

If you do not meet any of the bank conditions and need to borrow, you can look for a non-standard mortgage. years, usually at six percent. We mapped out how you can.

When I don’t want to finish my income

Some banks can apply for a mortgage without proof of income. For example, Raiffeisenbank, Hypoten banka and SOB offer them. As a proof, it usually only provides a clear statement that your income is sufficient to meet the mortgage. Be careful, but even here you pay something for something. If the bank does not want to confirm the income, you have to worry about the fact that other criteria for assessing creditworthiness will be stricter, it will offer you a one-year rate (currently from 8 to 10 percent), and so I will pay a maximum of 50 percent of the mortgage value. real estate.

Who is it for: suitable for self-employed or so-called freelancers, such as lawyers, private doctors or artists. Especially for those who cut off the expenses with Paul and their peppery incomes are no longer real.

When I don’t want to prove what I used my pension for

If you need to get a pension for something other than housing and you own an apartment and a house, you can apply for a so-called American mortgage. As a rule, the bank receives up to 70 percent of the mortgage value of the property, a minimum of 200,000 crowns, a maximum of five million.

As a reinsurance bank, it requires its approval of a house or apartment that is not encumbered by the first-in-person’s lien, nor its transfer may be restricted, with the exception of the lien, which is secured by a building society. The property must be approved, it must be owned by you or your children and children, it must be registered in the real estate cadastre and be in the Czech Republic. At the same time, the property must not be encumbered by a mortgage first.

years, the rate will usually be lower, not for ordinary non-steel consumer heat, but again not for standard mortgages, currently from 6 to 9 percent. The advantage is that you can meet up to 20 years and pay off at any time without penalty. Maturity period is limited by age, you should be paid up to 70 years. You can apply for an American mortgage at the same time as other three applicants, and together you must have a maximum of two households.

Who is it for: for property owners who need a loan.

When I don’t want to store invoices

If you do not carry a paper mill, you do not want to go to the bank with each invoice, you can take out a mortgage for construction and reconstruction without additional invoices. It is currently offered by Raiffeisenbank and Hypoten banka. The bank then releases the pension for the entire period of construction (usually not according to not two years) and sends it to et. The appraiser from the bank just checks if the construction is going on. el vru, that is, the fact that you really shared a living for the pension, then dolote bank approval.

Komern banka also offers a similar option, but only for reconstruction. Zlohov can be used up to a maximum of 85 percent of the price of mortgaged real estate, up to a maximum of two million crowns.

Who is it for: This option is suitable for those who are self-help.

When I want a pension for furniture

We can take out a mortgage for anything (neel). Whatever the bag must be related to the given household: purchase of furniture, electronics… Offer for example SOB, Hypoten banka and Komern banka (Mortgage 2 in 1). Neel does not exceed 20 percent of the total in mortgages (KB currently has a salary limit of 400,000 crowns). And so that you do not buy two pieces of real estate, the bank will give you a share of the field and at the moment when you use up a certain mortgage debt (for KB it is 50 percent).

Who is it for: for those who need to enter housing, it is cheaper than consumer incl.

When I have nothing, I need to drink in

The bank will pay me the full value of the property. The bag must be sufficiently creditworthy for the bank, if it cannot be distributed elsewhere and meet all the conditions of the bank, for example, to arrange a life insurance and insurance ability to meet. The year rate is from 6 to 8 percent depending on the vru and maturity. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that if the banks have their appraisers, they can estimate the property at its price, it is not the thorn, ie the actual loan.

Who is it for: for those who do not have cash.

When mm pli low income, let me dt incl

If you find that your bank refuses to accept because your income is not enough, you have two options. Most often, the bank proposes to invite a co-shareholder, ie take someone, best of the family, into the house, thanks to his income you will reach the required bank. If you invite your income yourself in the future, you can easily take the co-teacher out of the mortgage.

Who is it for: for those who would not have their own income on vr vroshli.

When mm contract for a definite period

Fear that, due to the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, the employer could extend the employment contract for a definite period of five years, and because of this make it impossible to go more of his employees in the possibility of earning the heat, the banks refuse. According to their opinions, the people do not have to be.

The conditions do not change, the banks will usually look at the employees using the contract for a definite period, as if he were employed for an indefinite period, moreover, it is just one of the criteria according to which assess the creditworthiness of the applicant. In Raiffeisenbank, for example, there is also a contract for est msc. Benevolent are banks with people who have an extended contract at least once. Such contracts are accepted by the bank and are not a good mortgage. Bad, of course, on the faith and what percentage of mortgaged real estate applicant ru.

Who is it for: for employees who do not yet have an employment contract for an indefinite period.

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