When you break something and you have to pay the code, you save the nonsense insurance

From a neighbor’s broken window or bitten hens, I develop into a lot of trouble. Or maybe not. Bad on how prepared you are. If you have a crap fool, it’s overwhelming.

Project At the same time, there are a number of recommendations on how to manage and prevent situations that may overwhelm the home budget. For example, I still feel like I’m having an accident that hurts someone else. Like you in Mr. Svoboda’s family.

Problems that can cost thousands

“When it’s possible, it’s possible,” Mr. Svoboda sighed, destroyed. He and his family had a really bad week behind them. What could have gone wrong.

On Monday, when he was returning from work, he was stopped by an angry neighbor from the apartment on the floor n. The Svobodovch apartment was also washed away. Their kitten stretched around the desert and accidentally released the water at full speed. The floating floor is written off and they can expect a little more from the neighbor.

V ter piel ze koly devtilet syn cel zaraen. Naped didn’t want to know what had happened, but in the end he confessed to the breed: “Do you know how the Falts bought the new car from the next entrance? Today I rode my bike down the street, I didn’t look down and I ran into it. I smashed his front light and Mr. Falta saw me. that the repair will be determined by at least twenty thousand and it will be possible to issue it. ”

And in the middle, la manelka and her little daughter shop at the supermarket. Tlet holika moc rda na nkupech tla vozk. This time, however, she hit the pyramid of various delicacies straight away and five bottles of sign alcohol ended up on the ground. The store manager wrote a mucus with Mr. Svoboda and said she would respond.

“I’m going to the pub,” said Mr. Svoboda, exhausted at last. On Saturday in the morning, he had a light hangover, but also a noticeably better mood: in the evening he met his friend and financial advisor in one person. When fate has dealt with him, he will not use it so badly. When they recently concluded a household and a life bond, he also offered Mr. Svoboda a liability insurance for the codes. He drank, you’re fine too. All codes are paid by the insurance company.

Mr. Erpek’s advice: the binding liability of people pays off

In life, both of them pave the way for a situation that cannot be anticipated. We dream, let’s be careful, but keep an eye on everything and everyone. For a variety of crisis situations, there is a poor financial product called the insurance of personal liability.

Some people call this product a “nonsense insurance policy” and it is simply an insurance that is used to cover code caused by other common activities in everyday life.

For example, these accidents and codes:

  • caused by the operation of the household (por in the house, washed neighbor, etc.)
  • originated during recreational sports or deprivation (for example, an inadvertent lya meeting of another lyae, staying in a hotel breaks an expensive car, when nvtv with well-known guests swims a sofa set…)
  • caused by the breeding of domestic animals (the neighbor bites the hen, the dog nvtv tears shoes…).

Insurance liability can be concluded practically in each insurance company. In addition, it usually applies not only to the bondage, but also to his wife, husband, children and pets. Some insurance companies also include in the contract children who have a short period of time when you look for an unmarried nephew.

The price fluctuates in the middle of the hundred crowns. Bad on the insurance policy, the insurance for one million will cost 400 crowns. The only contract in addition to insurance claims, which can meet the entire European Union.

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