When I get cash errors, take it out of the building, get expensive advice

Some financial advisors ask clients for advice on the possibility of making a deposit from a building society. Thin Ivan also came across her, who joined the iDNES.cz editorial staff. A representative of one of the financial consulting companies informed her that the selection would not affect her contract.

Ivana needed 30 thousand crowns for no expenses. She thought about the truth, but nevertheless, before making the decision, she visited a large financial consulting company. The counselor, who took care of her, was aware that, in addition to building savings, she had no disputes.

It concluded a building savings agreement for a total of 300 thousand crowns on January 1, 2008. At the end of last year, it invested 80 thousand crowns in it and the state signed up to nine thousand crowns in support. In addition, the deposit increased by years. Based on this information, the consultant suggested that I choose the necessary contact from her here in the building society.

Kon sten vbr deposit does not wash

Asked how the wall with the withdrawal of the deposit from the building society and what influence this choice has, the iDNES.cz editorial staff turned to all the building societies.

Building savings services do not offer a wall deposit in their branches. “This offer would significantly disadvantage a client with a concluded building association contract with state support. A client who wants to withdraw his pension from here must submit a contract and he is paid the entire balance here, ”explains Zdenka Blechov from Buinka.

In such a case, the client will lose all written support payments. If he wants to save even further, he has to conclude a new contract with the state support and pay a fee for it.

Pedasn terminated contracts from vs pull thousands for fees

If Ivana insists on taking a deposit from her building society, she must prepare for the fact that her contract will end after all these years. So far, nine thousand crowns have been written for the three subsidies of the savings bank back to the Ministry of Finance. Ivana also pay 0.5 – 1 percent of the duty as a penalty fee for premature termination of the contract.

If she still wants to save on a building society, she has to conclude a new contract and pay a fee for concluding one percent of the duty. The only thing Ivan building societies pay out “extra” are the years of the deposit (most building societies have two percent).

Ivana needs a pension as soon as possible. We pay the building savings pension to the clients and after the expiration of the notice period. It is added from the first day of the month following the start of the forecast. If Ivana terminates the contract on the 7th hole, she will receive a pension at the end of May.

Some building savings bags are available to clients and offer them the opportunity to apply for a reduced pension payment. For example, Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelna will pay the client a pension within ten working days, if he terminates his contract by an agreement using the Quick Pay action.

You can divide the existing contract into two

Warning: No information is given on the procedure for allocating the duties, which is not based on truth. eskomoravsk stavebn spoitelna, which provided them, stated after the public announcement that: The duty can be divided, but the pension from the original contract cannot be transferred to the new contract created by the division. “

If you get into a similar situation as thin Ivan, for example, you can divide the members of the existing contract. In the specific described example, the existing contract would be divided into two contracts with a total amount of 300 thousand crowns.

“On the first contract, the amount of 270 thousand crowns would remain, and at the same time years of deposits would continue to be kept on them. The second contract with a total amount of 30 thousand crowns, which would arise from the division of the original contract, would be transferred from the pool of the original contract required 30 thousand crowns. Subsequently, the client would terminate this second contract, ”explains Rostislav Trvnek from Lika.

The building society does not charge a daily fee for the division of the original contract. You can continue the connection on the first contract, as you will lose the written support so far. For the type of contract, you must pay a management fee and a penalty fee for termination.

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