When for a discount, then not to GE, had a client

Last week, GE Money bank introduced a novelty that wants to heal the Czech banking market. The use of drugs known as genillary accounts, their offer was supported by a strong media campaign. Why isn’t it a good idea to pay for these ads? How are the shortcomings of genil accounts?

Novinky GE Money Bank
The Genius Active account and the Genius Active Plus account are the “news” that GE Money Bank introduced last week. Among other things, this time, as the real first bank on our market (similar price programs have been offered by a trade bank for several years), it introduces help for its new clients to transfer from one bank to another, rather than another.

GE Money Bank’s news is basically “only” bank packages with the difference that usually a certain amount of money is set for bank packages, in addition to the amount of various transactions and similar fees. Do not encounter this with changed “genil” ones. From the client’s point of view, they are so much more transparent. This does not have to be difficult to find and tell for each entry, how much can you actually pay, for example, for a simple selection at the oven, and the castle of the elephant.

The new accounts contain a relatively wide range of services that the client usually uses (except for foreign payments). The question is how often and whether all services are used. The annual fee of 119 crowns at Genius Active offers unlimited withdrawals from its own ATMs, sending regular monthly entries, all outgoing payments and all outgoing payments entered electronically, 2 embossed payment cards, payment card for payments via the Internet, back and standing orders and direct debits. SIPO, pmho banking services (GSM banking, internet banking and telebanking), managed and maintained overdrafts and lots, 50 informative SMS in msci and one cash deposit at the cash register.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

Anyone who has two preferences for a personal branch of the branch, by paying 50 crowns (salary in total 169 Knn) will also have paid a cashier, gave an order for the castle and canceled changes to permanent payments, including collection, of course at the branch.

To whom does the news really pay off
If you are an active client (eg as a sample client), then the GE Money Bank offer will pay off. Do not blame the change of bank back.

How will you have the reason to change? Pedevm fees, usually called transactions. However, as each coin has two sides, it is not just here. If you do not belong to the real active clients, you better do without “news”. You can then save aunt from my monthly fee for the Genius Active account, which in 119 K.

If you are a passive client, then even the cheaper variant of the “genil” account is expensive, not the same range of services for the competition. You will forget about the most expensive variant of the GE Money Bank news, at least if you do not want to change your current approach to the use of banking services in a fundamental way.

Bank Price program / ballet Msn nkl.pasiv. kl. (v K) Msn nkl.aktiv.
kl. (v K)
GE MB Genius Active Account 119 119
eBanka Plus – Free * 126,10** 286,20**
S Suitable / Comprehensive program 87,50 247,50
ivnobanka Osobn menu / Forte *** 99 206,50
PS Klasik / Program Plus 79 141,70
KB Perfect / Express account 100,50 265,80****
UNDER Separate plus account 87 288

Note: * podmnkou is a song over 30 thousand K.
** including the debit authorization
*** entry is company year
**** 1st year, in subsequent years + 58.30 for embos.PK

Definition of a passive client: with e-banking, 2 one-time order to another bank entered with the help of el.bank. ATM and overdraft

Definition of an active client: e-banking, 10 one-time order to another bank entered with the help of el. Bank. from ATM and overdraft

Help with transfer here
This is a service that has not really been here before. The bank undertakes to ensure that the client’s funds are transferred to the new account, agree with the employer to change the payroll, cancel the payment at the original bank and set up a new payment. The client will cancel all products and services.

At this point, the views of GE Money Bank and other banks differed. Competitors do not want to recognize the client’s signature if his oven was performed only by an employee of GE Money Bank and require from the client a power of attorney certified by a note, or the client’s name of the bank.

As for the legislation, unfortunately at the moment it is not clear whether our legislation allows this service to be launched on the market. GE Money Bank appealed to the Business Act, in particular § 709, paragraph 3 (as an employee of the bank). In addition, the issue of the client’s transition from one bank to another according to the same opinion is also known and most banks adopt the banking code. We will therefore have to be surprised how the bank’s situation will eventually work out. GE Money Bank also informed that the procedure is a pilot operation and a start.

§ 709, paragraph 3 of the Commercial Agreement as follows:
The rightful owner is hereby to conclude or change the business agreement here or to terminate the relationship established by the business agreement here (according to the “deal with it”). Another person, not the owner, can handle it here only on the basis of a special power of attorney granted by the owner here, on which his signature is one. No signature is required if the power of attorney is granted in front of the bank.

The problem itself will be first connected “in front of the bank”. However, it is not precisely defined whether I am an employee of the other bank, I do not have to accept the signature in this way.

If anything really worked out for GE Money Bank, then the media campaign. It is sad that he is obsessed. Banks state that passive clients are more than half. For example, a “typical” SOB client with msnmi gives a limit of 109 crowns msnmi. Therefore, be careful with two ads. You better compare the offer you are interested in first with the competition. This case proves that if you don’t, it may not pay off.

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