What we do: you VAT, hundreds of crowns and suitable discounts on children

The planned VAT and new news are eclipsed proposals that will be approved. However, if the changes pass, it will affect our wallets. See what we have until 2013 and how it will affect our income.

The biggest increase in the “pass” is the VAT and you get a discount on the child. These changes were discussed in connection with the pension reform. According to Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek, the version to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies should be ready around the middle of the year.

Yak zmny ns ekaj v roce 2011

VAT is unchanged, you have two rates: reduced 10 percent called 20 percent.

Yes with pjm: For discounts on exempt taxes, I only get a discount on fees from 24,840 crowns a year to 23,640 crowns, or from 2,070 to 1,970 crowns, this is the famous hundred-crown river basin.

Other discounts remain in the same way as in 2010, as well as a discount on the amount of weaned mankind (CZK 24,840 per year). In the same year as last year (11,604 crowns per year) you also receive a discount on children.

How varied ns ekaj v roce 2012

VAT with me, m dv rates. The reduction of 10 percent will increase to 14 percent, except for 20 percent at the level of 2011.

Yes with pjm: Employees still pay a super-gross salary, which is still 15 percent. For entrepreneurs, the salary owed a lump sum of 80, 60, 40 percent, that is 15 percent of the tax base.

Zmny v odeitatelnch polokch: years for housing – the maximum limit of the return is halved, from 300 to 150 thousand crowns per year and household. It will be covered by concluded contracts. I will change the number of people who have a mortgage for more than three million crowns. Closed for mortgages in 2012 and according to it, the deduction from the tax base will not be recognized. When you go to another bank for a mortgage and in the year of fixation, the change will not affect it.

Other deductible items – paid life insurance, pension insurance, gifts, castles for further education and trade union contributions remain.

The tax rebate on taxpayers returns to the original (pre-flood) level, ie to CZK 24,840 per year, CZK 2,070 per month. Zv is a discount on dt by 150 crowns msn, from 967 to 1,117 crowns, which is 13,404 crowns ron.

Changes in health and social insurance: The ceiling on health insurance is decreasing, it is reduced from a factor of one to five times the average wage. Health insurance will not be paid on income over 100 thousand crowns per month. Ron limit is reduced to 1187520 crowns. The maximum limit for social security is 1781280 crowns. Whoever earned no more than 148440 crowns per month, will not pay from other income. This salary also bears the average wage. If the limits increase during the year, the limits will increase.

Changes in excise duty: The design is consumable. It will mainly affect cigarettes (plus three crowns per box), alcohol and fuel.

How varied ns ekaj v roce 2013

VAT is unified at one rate in vi 17.5 percent.

Yes with pjm: For employees, the super-gross wage is ruined, and 19 percent of the income is due to the gross wage. For entrepreneurs, the tax will be 19 percent of the tax base. Stay in force of all margins of the price of 80, 60, 40 percent.

Those who do not get a multiple of the average will not get a discount on the fee (24,840 crowns per year). People who will receive more than 98 thousand crowns in money will not deduct the discount from the tax, their salary will be 2,070 crowns lower. Paradoxically, a situation will arise where the hunter, his gross salary will be 97 thousand, gaining 30 crowns of the same amount than his colleague with a salary of 100 thousand crowns.

Cancellations of meal vouchers and tickets are canceled. New employees will receive a salary of more than a thousand crowns a year (250 crowns a month), which will be deducted from the calculated tax. Paul should have the abolition of the tax on discounted meal vouchers, the rest of the Sunday benefits should remain, but this is limited to, for example, up to 10 thousand crowns per year (currently companies provide their employees with benefits in the amount of thousands of crowns per year).

Changes in health and social insurance: The employer pays 32 percent (34 percent so far) and 13 percent (11 percent so far) of gross wages for health insurance for employees. Entrepreneurs pay 6.5 percent (so far 13.5 percent) of the total tax base, which divided income and expenses.

Social (income) insurance will be 6.5 percent of the total tax base (so far 29.2 percent).

The government will not decide on the valorisation of the pension in the future, it will be anchored in the law. It should be true that pensions will rise by the inflation of the previous year and one tetinurelnho outside wages. Experts expect piblin by two percent.

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