What to do when the business does not communicate, disappears or is abroad

The new civil law has changed the rules of online shopping only slightly. Pesto is worth remembering how not to fly and what to do when your merchant or field is not in the field.

When ordering goods from the online store, first examine who operates it. Oppage or copy the name of the company, its I, address, contact. You can take a whole photo of the screen with these by pressing PrintScreen (PrtScr) on the keyboard.

On the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, you can see whether the two-day trader has not declared bankruptcy.

Try to find references from previous customers in the internet search.

There are also such details as payment options. If you can only pay by transfer before the goods, please look elsewhere. It’s convenient, because you don’t have to go sweat, pay for a good time and communicate with the transport service, but you run the risk that the merchant will not stop, stop communicating or simply disappear.

If you sent pensions but did not receive the goods and the e-shop operator does not communicate with you, first you can find out on discussion boards or in the breakfast if you are not deceived by the customer.

If there is an insolvency proceeding against the entrepreneur, it is necessary to register the claim with him, explains the lawyer Ladislav Muro. Unfortunately, the salary that the pension is back is small. The last option, in addition to the criminal report, is to turn to the bank, which will carry out the so-called chargeback, ie the return of sent pensions. But I have no obligation to comply. Some advertising servers, on which they are not sold only by an entrepreneur, in the event of fraud, offer compensation automatically from their pensions, which they subsequently recover from the rogue.

A natural person or a first-person?

What if the e-shop to which you sent the pension is canceled by the operator and you need to complain about the goods? It is necessary to spill two cases. The first is that the entrepreneur terminates the Internet business, but his business operates for a long time. In this case, the customer is entitled to complain directly to the entrepreneur, says Ji Hartmann from the law firm Hartmann, Jelnek, Fra and partners.

If the former operator has also terminated his business activities, it is important whether it was the first person (ie the company), then you have a contract as a customer. If the entrepreneur is a natural person, you must first file a complaint directly, even if the store does not operate a store.

And how do you pay the rules when you shop from a foreign e-shop? It was not easy to determine. According to EU legislation, the purchase of Czech consumer first only if the operator is engaged in business in the Czech Republic.

The fact that the pages of the online store are for sale in the country of the buyer, but it is not a sign of confusion in this country, points out lawyer Hartmann. If the Czech order is not addressed (pages are not in the word, not in the R advertisement), the dispute will be based on the country of the operator. When it comes to the state of the European Union, you have a very similar first than in the Czech Republic.

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