We’re in the office. Standa’s new colleague is a robot

Companies hire hate employees. Speak only when someone asks them something and work for you. The robots proved successful even during the pandemic. They’ve managed enough to postpone bank payments.

You can imagine both robots, which can be imagined one product after another with steel grippers with an accuracy of a millimeter. Those who move around the conferences will again see a robot, which as a varied ride among the guests and offer squadrons and a drink. One of them has a reception at the Pyramida Hotel in Prague. give him Pepper, speak English and he can advise the client how to orient himself in the hotel or where to go for sightseeing.

But mt a robot as a colleague in the office? A virtual assistant who helps with work, does not want to do it or who takes a long time? One of the first offices where they hired a software robot as a colleague is the Czech branch of the European bank Sberbank. And they didn’t end up with just one. They have you right today.

The first robot was Standa

The name was chosen by the employees themselves to be humanized a bit. Standa was the first to start working in the back office. He helped his colleagues with ordinary administrative horses, where he prepared an approval report, describes his work Radek ern from Sberbank.

And it was znt. They got a supercoleg in Stand. While the hunter takes 26 minutes to process the consumer heat, Standa can handle it in three minutes. The robot has completed the contract connection in 13 minutes and 16 seconds, the employee in 75 minutes.

And so, after a year, she joined Adina’s Stand, who chose a name for the social children, and most recently this year, Karel. This robot was named after the writer Karel Apek, his work RUR, and thus the first use of the word robot to celebrate a century, explains Radka ern.

More than five full-fledged administrators with 100% performance and no human error can do the job. Help the darkness of the dark even in the banking thorn. Msn will process 8,000 client transactions, from the swell of the year and the closing of the annual swap, Wroclaw points out from Sberbank.

In the crown at full power

Even a dog with such power to n employees nerl. For also when they can throw their own routine work on them. ivot robot breathed into tm projects, he programs them that way. wheels for them, the employees of the bank, but it must be approved and set in advance, so the employees, for example, departments in the bank will give the automation settings to them as well, to Wrocław estkov.

Software robots are suitable everywhere where administrative processes are repeated, have clearly defined rules and do not require a complex decision. On average, they can make work more efficient 13 times.

During the coronavirus crisis, when it was necessary to spend several thousand enough to postpone the installments in a short time, the robots helped to process them a lot. They taught people about 1,500 hours of work, which is exactly nine working months of one hunter, radka ern.

Companies that had at least an automated process at the time of the country’s entry into an emergency, the measures affected me noticeably. For many companies, a quarantine has been forced to digitize, and the transfer of large people to the home office has motivated them to rethink the way they work.

We can expect lasting changes not only in internal communication, but also in the way we work with partners and suppliers, and of course with customers. Michal Novk from the Profesia.cz job portal is also moving into the online environment in a massive way.

One such area is, for example, the real estate market. We have created a digital guide for the client, where we enter the property he wants to sell, deals with the price map and the client immediately sees the price at which I sell. We are thus analyzing the client’s needs, when the robot evaluates the best sales strategy to create an initial proposal for it according to whether it wants to sell as quickly as possible or vice versa for as many pensions as possible, and to Vladimír Zuzk, director of real estate company Maxima Reality.

Attention, he speaks

Although it seems that the contact with the customer breaks into a cold conversation with Pota, it is not quite so. He hides his program only routine matters, boring long horses, which the hunter retains.

The recent virtual assistant, which has been developed as a quick filter to capture and handle recurring customer queries, has been developed by Anect. and his A-bot. Contact center agents only have complex questions and specific requests that require a human approach. The robot can start communication with clients classically via chat or voice, introduces the robot employee Marcel Vejmelka, the architect of the unified communications company Anect. The bot can be available day and night, in the world and on weekends and can advise whenever the user needs it.

All you have to do is configure it according to the needs of the specific company. Udl for vs routine horses, thanks to emu uette a lot of time, says Marcel Vejmelka. According to him, it can be used in finance, e-shops and healthcare. tells people when the hours are ordinan, fulfills control at the lkae. But I also respond to the current situation and provide people with relevant information, explains the software architect.

According to him, over 70 percent of the company, on the market, has a number of services that will be operated by robots, such as chatbot or voicebot. We assume that at least some of the processes in the contact centers will be fully automated or robotized, and thus the average processing time will be reduced by 10 and 25 percent, Marcel Vejmelka estimates.

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