We will not return the pension, he told Skylink client when he wanted the fee back

Some of the fees that these companies pay to their customers. And not just the banking ones. You confirm this to Ji Lavika, who complains that the Skylink satellite TV provider does not want to charge him a service fee, which he paid twice.

“Skylink has introduced a new service fee of CZK 348 per month for TV reception. I paid for it. The pot offered the Flexi 7 package for CZK 2,739, where the service fee was included in the price. I paid Skylink two service fees. You don’t want to give me a pension for one fee, nor do you want to pet it on Flexi. Detain my pension, for which you don’t give me anything, “wrote Ji Lavika to the editorial office. As he adds, it is about hundreds, but he does not want to laugh with such a procedure. “You don’t just have those pensions for a year, but for an indefinite period. I’m not sure about that, ”adds.

The Skylink customer center replied: “The payment for the service fee is withheld and cannot be manipulated in any way. It cannot be used to extend the Flexi 7 package. You will have this payment withheld until you decide to stop using the offer. Unfortunately, we are not a banker, for this reason there will be no years from your payment for a fee. ”

The iDNES.cz editorial staff therefore submitted the company Skylink a week, hold it for payment.

“It is definitely not necessary to talk about altercation. If at any time during these 12 months, for example after these months, you subscribe to a paid service (for example, Flexi 7 package), the use of its service fee will be automatically deducted and the remaining unused fee (ie for nine months) will be used after the subscription service is completed. . Thus, the customer will not lose his pension at the same time, nor can it be considered unreasonably enriched. He subscribed to the promise we would give him. Nothing paid twice, ”said Jaromr Glisnk, only the board of directors of M7 Group SA, which owns Skylink.

Skylink finally gave JimLavik a shot. “If the customer expects to use the paid offer permanently, the best payment is a service fee. This way, the unspent pension will be transferred to his customer credit, and from it I will be paid for the services paid, which uv. His pensions will therefore be used in accordance with his new pnm. Such a requirement is unique, but we can satisfy it. We do not return the pension, however, we are able to pay the sums according to the customer’s order, ”to Jaromr Glisnk.

Dan pstup je nepimen, mn prvnk

The first Luk Zel from consumer consultancy dTest believes that Skylink should retire the pension in this case. As she explains, if Skylink itself offers its customers the opportunity to choose and switch to pay for services in the form of a prepaid package of paid channels, it should take better account of the fact that existing customers have paid the fee.

“As a result, the company’s approach is completely unchanged, causing a known imbalance in the first position of the parties to the contract under 56 civil law,” said Luk Zelen, head of the first dTest advisory body.

In the first analysis of the whole case, the element Luk Zelen also found out the other unreasonable requirement that the satellite TV provider exchanges with its clients. In Skylink’s General Terms and Conditions, clause 7.4 states: In the event of termination of the contractual relationship, fees will be paid and the subscription will not be refunded. “The provision of similar content is stated in the sentence unreasonably agreed in consumer contracts, which is considered absolutely invalid,” points out the first Luk Zelen.

“We believe that in this case it is not an unreasonably agreed ban by consumer clauses in civil law,” concludes lawyer Miroslav Hjek on behalf of Skylink.

What is good vdt:

  • If the company withholds a pension from the client, it is an unjust enrichment, which the company must not keep, and in the case of serious retaliation, it is obliged to give the builder a year-round valuation of his value, which he would gain during the period of arrest.
  • 458 para. 2 of the Civil Code: “The subject of unjust enrichment must be published and the benefits of it, unless the one who obtained the enriched acted in good faith.”
  • If the company and the dog refuse to issue the bag, they end up in arrears, which entails the obligation to pay one year from the arrears. His ve is set in nazen vldy. 142/1994 Sb.
  • Nazen vldy. 142/1994 Coll., 1 “In the year of delays in responding to the repo rate set by the Czech National Bank for the last day of the calendar half-year, which was delayed in the previous calendar half-year, increased by eight percentage points.” “The current repo rate has been the same since 2012 at 0.05%. Last year, therefore, 8.05% of the debt is due, ”says first-member Luk Zelen.

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