We tried data on vr, the banks knocked us out

Mete se to stt i vm. Suddenly you need cash, you abroad or another investment. You have sun disputes, but you can’t pick them right away. eenm is pjka. But the banks confirmed a lot, you have to make sure that the bundle can stand.

From this year, lend banks and non-bank houses under new conditions. If you do not conclude a consumer contract, you must first take home and study the pre-contractual offer beforehand. It must be clear information about how the tracks are and under what conditions in pj (see more here).

We tested how you have to transfer the documents to the bank in order to obtain a pre-contractual offer, and how much the banks are accommodating and writing. We compared how the range of information will provide the bank at the first meeting.

Test in the banks that borrow the most

We applied for consumer credit in the banks in which they borrow the most from esk spoiteln, GE Money Bank, SOB and Komern banka. We always visited two branches and tried to apply for a loan of more than 100 thousand crowns with a maturity of three years.

“Are you open to us?” they asked the banks in all the branches. The client, whom the bank knows, can get the loan under suitable conditions.

“And how are your incomes and household expenses,” they said in the branches. At the same time, they announced that we would not receive two pre-contractual offers until we brought to the bank a confirmation from the employer about my income. “We will exchange the income with your employer,” said one of the banknotes. Providing incorrect information or a forged document may not pay off.

Nejpsnj byli banki GE Money Bank

Most of the banks were thorough and we spent 30 minutes at some branches. In banks, ask whether the applicant owns a residence or a sub-company. Wonder how many credit cards you use or whether they meet other charges. he then performs in bank registers or debt registers, or debts are not hidden so (read here).

GE Money Bank was the best in our test. They demanded not only an obansk, but also an idisk order. “For the next meeting, also write a document that confirms your address, for example, from the mobile operator or after it. And it must be current documents, preferably one msc star. We also need an entry from here to the bank to which your payment goes, ”they told GE Money Bank.

Most of the preliminary information was provided by SOB

In the test, we also assessed whether we would take at least basic information about the game from the first meeting. Banks were the longest in SOB branches.

For an approximate calculation, they used a form in the SOB, which is similar to the pre-contractual offer. In advance, we found out that for 100 thousand times in the Czech Republic we drill roughly 136,998 crowns in three years, and the monthly payments will reach approximately 3,511 crowns. All other fees were also mentioned in the form, for example, the bank charges one thousand thousand crowns for the provision of 100 thousand rubles and 50 crowns per month for the first fee.

Orient Money was also provided by GE Money Bank. The banks also pointed out that the student, ie the 36msn maturity in their bank, is not available and you can choose either a 30msn or 40msn maturity (how to compare the offer level here).

The best buyer for the information was esk spoitelna. Both banks provided only data on vi msn installments, roughly in the range of 3,489 and 3,552 crowns. In Komern banka, they pre-cut a monthly payment of 3,590 crowns and wrote a year-on-year rate of 15.9 percent on a piece of pepper. Although they proceeded correctly and did not make any mistakes in it, the withdrawal from the bank after the first meeting of more oriented information is not on the code.


When it comes to consumer money, banks judge it individually. Accurate offer of the applicant and the moment when the bank has all the necessary information to evaluate the so-called “credit scoring” of the applicant. So I run the risk of whether the client will be able to meet his volume and meet the day and you.

In order to receive a pre-contractual offer, you must enter a confirmation of income from your employer and usually two proofs of identity. Some banks also require a document confirming the address (eg SIPO, current for gas, rent, electricity, telephone) and according to the entry from the bank here, which you have with another bank. If you want to save time, transfer the necessary documents to the bank for the first meeting.

If you need to arrive, it pays to get at least two pre-contractual offers. Newly, you must not use tricks of small written letters, which you do not have to notice under this condition. You will also receive a document with an explanation of the term, which is related to the issue.

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