We pay the bank 105 million crowns a day

Bank fees are a significant minus item on the entry from here. Last year, we paid banks a total of 38.334 billion crowns in fees, which is two billion crowns, not in 2009. In the end, it is 105 million crowns per day and 1,216 crowns per second.

According to the server comparison bankovnipoplatky.com, most clients pay at the largest banks. esk spoitelna collected 386 crowns per second in fees last year. In the spot for days, the dog climbed to 33 million crowns. esk spoitelna had in 2010 a dog pt million client. So each client paid around six crowns a day.

The second place in this comparison was occupied by Komern banka. She receives from her clients 255 crowns per second, ie 22 million per day. Last year, Komern banka had 2.5 million clients. In pepot, therefore, each client paid less than nine crowns per day.

Tet msto pat SOB. Pay the bank 173 crowns per second and less than 15 million crowns a day. SOB is thus the only bank that has compared its fees compared to last year. In 2009, clients paid it by about a million per day in C, not in 2010. Volksbank was at the tail of the table. Volksbank collects only CZK 12 on fees per second. In comparison, LBBW and GE Money Bank did not participate.

Fees should be lower

Banks are trying to get their clients to use cheaper or fully free internet banking. Even pesto bag fees continue to rise.

“Every year, new clients come to the system, who use the first cheap internet banking and in the country about 100 thousand bank clients. Although these people were particularly passive clients, they used the services of bank branches. That’s right, e-bank fees are still rising. Their sum should basically decrease, ”to Patrik Nacher from the bankovnipoplatky.com server

With the most absurd fee this year, the people chose a fee for voting for the money from their own here. Among the nonsensical fees according to the public include, for example, a fee for an onward payment, for withdrawing cash from an ATM of “own” bank, for an excessive deposit and, last but not least, for a deposit on a private account.

For bn et pay nemuste

There are banks that do not pay for their money. For example, Fio banka, two evil evils, is offered completely free of charge. This product thus became the cheapest account of 2010 according to the bankovnipoplatky.com server.

The service star nzkonkladovmBank also does not charge mKonto in any way. So bad for your turn on the t msn track. Then it is often kept bmho here for free.

esk bank and is income from fees and commissions
Bank surcharge fees for 2010 is poplatky from 2010 ist fees per second 2010 ist fees per second 2009
esk spoitelna 12 167 000 000 K 33 334 247 K 386 K 362 K
Komern bank 8 038 000 000 K 22 021 918 K 255 K 249 K
UNDER 5 440 000 000 K 14 904 110 K 173 K 177 K
UniCredit Bank 2 634 000 000 K 7 216 438 K 84 K 78 K
Raiffeisenbank 1 910 000 000 K 5 232 877 K 61 K 50 K
Volksbank CZ 369 000 000 K 1 010 959 K 12 K 11 K
TOTAL 30 558 000 000 K 83 720 548 K 969 K 1 030 K
TOTAL for the whole sector * 38 334 000 000 K 105 024 658 K 1 216 K 1 156 K
Source: Bankovnipoplatky.com; Note: * including small and atypical banks.

“We covered the fees so that we first found out the fee and commission income from the vronch and deducted the costs from it. This way, we gained a certain contribution to the bank fees of individual banks, ”explains Patrik Nacher.

How much msn do you pay for keeping bnho tu?

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