Watch out for the news this year, when you go to the exit with a travel ticket

The contract of departure does not have to be in writing since the year. Fully posted, when the written form will be confirmed about the departure, which the applicant, ie the travel agency, issues when concluding the contract and the immediate sweat.

Along with the confirmation of departure, you must receive proof of insurance from the travel agency. From this year, according to the new sections of the travel contract, conclude a travel contract with the travel agency.

The congress is a collective name for all services that the client arranges for his stay. So, in addition to the trip, it also includes a hostel, food and other services in the place of residence, and this product is ready before signing the contract, and at the travel agency as a package, especially on the order, explains the first Ji Gao, who participated in creating the end.

st contract is to replace the terms and conditions, which can be referred to in the confirmation of departure and their system can not be what the other party could not expect.

If, for example, it appears in the business conditions that the applicant can cancel the departure for reasons that arise on his part, and the customer does not first pay the price of the return, the lawyer Vlastimil Pihera from the law firm Kocin will not agree to such an agreement. olc Balatk. According to the agreement on the departure, some of the first ones relate to complaints – the deadline for complaints about the departure by the customer is shortened, at the latest to one month from its end.

How are the duties of a travel agent

In addition to all information about the place where you will spend your holiday, transport, travel or accommodation, the requester should go before the conclusion of the contract, for example, inform about all the documents, passport and health requirements of the exit and the time for their requirements, because you may also affect your decided regarding the city of residence. The applicant should provide you with detailed information on the departure no later than the day before the start of the departure.

We can unilaterally increase the price of the departure compared to the originally agreed one only if it is agreed in advance in the contract and so if the price for transport, including fuel prices or payments related to transport, such as airport, port and jin fees included in the exit prices. The price can also be raised outside the exchange rate of the Czech koruna used to determine the exit price on average by more than 10 percent. At this time (21 days before the start of the departure), the applicant must send the customer a notice of the price increase.

The customer can withdraw from the contract before the start of the departure, but the applicant only when the departure is canceled, or the customer violates his obligation (for example, pay only the deposit when booking, but do not pay the rest of the price).

You can get help in trouble, even if the person is not at fault

Compared to the previous first rights, the help in the lower is very widespread in favor of the customer.

Two, the travel agent had to provide assistance in trouble if the code was caused by a person who is not connected with the provision of the exit, or an unavoidable event that could not be prevented, such as a natural disaster. the customer will find himself in the snow after the start of the descent. However, it does not oblige travel agents to provide assistance in the trouble free of charge.

Contracts concluded before the end of the year

And what happens if you responded to an offer of First minute and concluded a contract for summer vacation to go before the end of last year, ie for the old first rights? In such a case, nothing happens, you can leave in peace. If it complies with the provisions of the new law, it can be considered a valid exit contract.

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