Wages can only rise when labor productivity increases

The current trend of sharp wage growth is unsustainable for companies. Although both confirm that they regularly add to their employees’ pensions. But add with one breath that the number of wages cannot be you, it is not the economic growth of the company. Therefore, refuse.

In recent years, wages have risen literally at a rocket pace. In recent years, the average wage growth rate has increased from 4.2 percent in 2016 to 7 percent in 2018 and 8.1 percent in 2018, respectively, to Martin Jeek, Sales Director of Grafton Recruitment.

But now call the pace of growth. The current mezzanine rate of 7.2 percent is three tenths of a percentage point lower than in the previous quarter. The average wage reached 34,105 crowns in the second quarter of this year, however, two a thirds of employees will not get to this average, points out Dalibor Hol, director of the Department of Labor Market Statistics and Equity S.

You tell the value of the median wages. It was 29,127 crowns for the same period. Half of the employees take more, half of me.

Wages in Prague thnou up a specialized position

The highest wage levels are in Prague, with a large gap. Here, the average for the second quarter of this year reached 42,297 crowns. That’s a very high word. However, the explanation is relatively simple.

The level of wages in Prague is the bottom of the fact that the center of companies is here, and that is where the people in managerial and high-income positions are represented here, explains Michal Novk from the Profesia.cz portal. In the metropolis, there is also much trouble in banking, IT and business services. This, in statistical terms, distorts, towards Ji Halbrtt, the board and marketing manager of ManpowerGroup.

They take the most in IT, banking and vd

Employees in the field of IT have the highest average salary. Pay it especially with IT specialists and development. Their average salaries are above 70,000 crowns. The imaginary type of leverage averages 63 thousand crowns for business people, but their main component of wages is usually your rewards.

In the 3rd city, there are specialists in the field of science and technology with an average of less than 55 thousand crowns. And of course you go to some specific positions. For example, according to the Platy.cz portal, the medical advisor in the pharmaceutical industry takes an average of over 75,000 crowns.

Thus, high average wages are in banking and insurance. According to S data, they reach almost 64 thousand crowns. Only employees in our specialized positions will receive a bag. But even banks can earn 40 and 100 thousand crowns msn, Halbrtt describes. It is the bottom of the fact that a large part of their wages is a commission. So bad about how smart they are. The salaries of employees at the cash registers are between 25 and 35 thousand crowns, Halbrtt points out.

And the area with above-average wage growth is also the automotive sector. For example, in the Auto code in Mladá Boleslav, last year the average gross salary of an employee who is paid on the basis of a tariff was 51275 crowns.

Even in the same position, wages can differ significantly

The fact is, however, that 70 percent of employees in the private sector do not reach the average wage. And when so, often only thanks to different payments. For example, the basic salary of a public transport driver is around 30 thousand crowns, but with many surcharges for non and public holidays, they can also earn up to 45 thousand crowns.

Wages of people working in the service range between 24 and 37 thousand crowns. Especially in Prague, wages and waitresses can pay up to 50 thousand crowns, Halbrtt adds.

A separate chapter is then the salaries of the central unit, which with two tables. Here, too, the gap is large. For the calculation, it is important to know in what salary the unit is assigned and the time of his / her internship. The lowest salary of up to one year is up to 13,160 crowns, while the highest salary of more than 34 years of age will receive a basic salary of 64,130 crowns, Halbrtt describes. He gave a component of the salary of the state unit, then your management fees and he gave special payments.

On average, salaries are paid at 35,000 crowns, which is similar to administrative positions in the private sector. In the first, but in other areas of the public sector, ie health care and customs, wages are growing the fastest.

The fastest wage growth in recent years was also recorded by the least qualified positions, because they needed to recruit large numbers of people. But now the nbory are not so intense.

You pay for the better performance

However, the pressure on wages will not decrease. Experts therefore estimate that wages will go by. But not as fast as before. A urit ne plon. We do not want to overpay employees on basic wages. Our goal is to reward performance, so we have a progressively variable component of salary, describes Kateina Lukov, HR director of Sazka. The company pays the revision of wages once a year, individually based on the performance and potential of the employee.

Kadoron wage review takes place in other companies. We want our company to be able to compete in the labor market, but at the same time a member will increase the cost so that labor productivity will grow, explains Kateina Krist, HR Manager of BNP Paribas Cardif Pojiovny. Therefore, increase wages individually. Each of the managers has the opportunity to divide the total percentage of winds among the members of his darkness according to individual yield, adds Christ.

The same was true of dal pojiovn. One of the factors in extra wages is the situation in the labor market, we can not afford not to be competitive, to Eva Svobodov from Uniqa pojiovny. On the other hand, we must remain profitable, we also do not want to engage in any imaginary seduction. Therefore, Kadoron is evaluating how wage rights can afford for the coming year due to the resulting society. However, the demand for the outside salary is not automatic for this company either.

Companies look for wages from competitors

In essence, this is confirmed by all the addressed companies. Wage developments have been rising rapidly lately. If we do not want to drink about employees, we must increase wages, according to Tereza Echov, HR manager of the architectural and design office of Obermeyer Helika. According to them, I am not surprised by the increase in services, food and property prices. It is not possible for wages not to move and the rest to become more and more healthy. It is a guaranteed circle and an unstoppable process at the same time, states Echov.

Nevertheless, the results of the company play a role in their company when raising wages. And then, of course, the work results, willingness and loyalty of the employee to the company. At the moment, however, their employees have similar wages as competing companies.

The development company Passerinvest Group also has wages very similar to those of the competition. It automatically increases the area by only one year of inflation. The reason for the individual salary increase can be the professional growth of the employee, equal to the equal salary of the competition or a clear signal that the given employee is relatively difficult to replace for us, describes Vladimír Klouda, CEO of Passerinvest Group.

Overall, however, the current rapid rate of wage growth is not considered healthy. It reminds me a bit of the year 2007, when it was a matter of finding quality people and candidates often made meaningless demands on their wages. Two years later, however, the situation turned sharply, adds Klouda.

The pole increases in their positions

In many cases, companies choose what increases their wages, different strategies according to specific positions. For example, Footschop does not have an automatic payroll system set up for most positions. An exception, however, are the employees of the warehouse, where in the daytime situation we feel the need to motivate people with the vision of the possibility of financial pilepen over time, to Michal Tth from Footshop. They felt the pressure, as did most companies, as well as wage growth in IT, where they wanted to adapt to the market standard.

The KetoMix startup company has a similar approach. It is logical that wages and wage policy should apply to our warehousekeepers, who have a fixed salary and a bonus for each packed and shipped properly, and KetoMix went to you in a marketing or online team. Here, the salaries are fixed, and if the work is excellent, we appreciate the employees’ bonuses, describes Martin Paek, CEO of KetoMix. In fact, the experts who move the characters forward are simply paying.

Otherwise, however, they consider the current trend of salary growth to be unsustainable. At present, we see that people expect above-average salaries for below-average performance. And that definitely has to change, it makes money more expensive.

Wages in the production center have reached the ceiling

Perhaps go all this salary at manufacturing and craft companies. Furnaces just do not show a certain cooled market. Some businesses are starting to dampen production, or even make a difference, to Novk. It adds that these are only individual cases, especially in remote regions. The same trend is confirmed by the current Grafton Recruitment survey.

The construction industry is vibrating her due to this unhealthy wage growth, to Ji Bonk from the construction company Wirtuuu. Wages are now set so high in our country that a court judge does not leave us only when he is fired. According to him, the time of the late conspiracy of the people is over. Pensions are currently added only individually. We pay with that motto, reward productive people and get production, adds Bonk.

He saw the same in companies. We are currently working to change the wage policy. We are dreaming that the effort and employees who are more active should be able to earn more, which said Tom Skopov, marketing director of DF Partner from Neubuz near Sluovice, who produces car chemistry, is reflected in the salary. He adds that he always offers only wages and benefits that the company can afford in the long run.

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