vrov raloci invented new pitfalls on how to turn people on pensions

People who have not even been able to imagine it until recently will meet the fulfillment of vr. One of the reasons is that the unfair end of the company will wash out new tricks, on which they can also catch otherwise obese men and women. Confirm this by a debt counseling specialist.

Families of the family are pushing for thousands and even property. An example is him who brought a bill of exchange to the council, believing that he had co-signed it as a witness. He thought that by signing the document, he confirmed that his friend’s company had drank a very high price.

As they told him in the counseling center, it was a life mistake. Due to his signature, the twin has become the guarantor of a very high turmoil and a loan of more than five million crowns will have to meet the budget. The real long-term man spent this pension and did not shake a crown.

A bill is a valuable ray that can be sold

“The bill is undoubtedly an interesting tool that will serve me in time to recover the debt, but it also knows how to hurt me financially,” points out the first Rostislav Kov from the free advisory portal Poradnavitele.cz.

The law defines the bill of exchange as a negotiable security, the bill of exchange must always be in writing and is valid only when all final requirements are met. A number of people who flourish on the loan with a safe bill and blank bill, but usually do not know how the risks of signing such a paper pinst.

“Signatures are important on the bill, which cannot be replaced by a stamp or in any other way, but their notation is not necessary. The signature must be handwritten and placed below the text of the bill, ”warns Kov.

“When signing bills of exchange and blank notes, few people realize that it is a valuable asset, its other feature is easy transferability,” adds David Mejkal, director of the Financial Advisory Advisory Board.

If the debtor violates any credit condition, because he does not have time to send one installment to you or refuses to pay an unreasonable fine, it can be a big problem. The owner of the bill can easily get the so-called execution title from the court and let the debtor confiscate his property.

vr na blankosmnku me bt velk risk

Perfectly grasps some of the company’s tops with blank bills, ie incomplete bills. And they even use very harsh practices so that they can demand an immediate repayment of debt, including the year and fines.

Calmly, for example, he fills in a blank notice freely or in violation of the agreement and thus promotes it into a full-fledged bill, which he applies before the court. Calculate the time with the fact that the length of defense is only three calendar days, when I can file a qualified objection, that it was unjustifiably filled out.

“None of the clients who turned to our counseling center were able to arm themselves, if they started at all. The weekly deadline for the defense is extremely short, ”points out the soft.

The final impact is very noticeable in such cases for longhorn beetles. The bill may show a strong number, not really in the heat. The original owner can sell the bill and its new owner begins to demand the return of the bill, which is stated on the bill. And not only that, the company that sold the bill was clever, but I should demand that the debt be repaid by myself, incl. At the end of the contest, one volume can easily turn into two and the debt will grow to enormous proportions.

The invitation written in favor of the creditor is unfinished

In January this year, the Supreme Court in Brno drew attention to the unfair raindrop. These are cases where the old man needs to pay a pension for health care, care services for others and put real estate into the mortgage.

Afterwards, the bank can sign it, because in the event of death, the real estate refers to the money condition. The bequeathed property is a lot of money that the long-term must pay.

“This procedure is not only unethical, but it is also a circumvention of the law, because banks have other options to secure the payment of pjench pension,” said Petr Kntig.

In other words: the bilateral is a one-sided speech, while the securing bunch is a two-sided first end. If the provider of the bank requires a written statement to secure the debt, this is an invalid first act. “Moreover immoral,” is the clear opinion of the Supreme Court.

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