Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and X-Trade Brokers announce historic cooperation

X-Trade Brokers, a Polish stock exchange company and its crackling branch, which specializes in trading in the foreign exchange market, commodity and stock market, today announced the start of cooperation with the Formula 1 team of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

X-Trade Brokers thus becomes the first brokerage company in the Central and Entrance Europe region, cooperating with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team. Its logo (XTB) will now be displayed on a combination of the next world champion Jenson Button and the world champion Lewis Hamilton of 2008, as well as on the top cover of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 Formula 1 dark car.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is one of the most successful Formula 1 teams, having won twenty championships since joining Formula 1 in 1966. In 2010, it will become the first team in history to be followed by both champions in the last two years.

“X-Trade Brokers symbolizes spch, prestige and spade in its field. The first reason is only that we have chosen the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, which teaches the world: the shower is a basic characteristic of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and therefore naturally fits both companies, ”said Jakub Zablocki, CEO of X-Trade Brokers.

“When we looked for sponsorship, we thought for a long time about which sport and which would be the closest to the signs symbolizing professionalism, advanced technology and the need for high speed. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is synonymous with all these features, as well as an attractive touch to the worldwide awareness of X-Trade Brokers. Our cooperation with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team represents a significant milestone in the dynamics of development and expansion of X-Trade Brokers. It’s a great day for Poland and the whole Central European region. ” Zablocki added.

“The incorporation of X-Trade Brokers into the worlds of our partners is proof of the unique and lasting popularity of Formula 1 and the darkness of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes,” said Jonathan Neale, CEO of McLaner Racing, who defended the announcement in Varav.

XTB logo on jezdc

“As a true Formula One international team, we are proud to work with companies from across the country through a wide variety of industries; we are pleased that we can now add to this list so Poland. As Poland expands its presence in Formula 1, cooperation with X-Trade Brokers becomes a good first not only for the company itself, but also excellent for Poland and Polish companies in general. ”

“Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has been committed to ensuring that our partners always get an unsurpassed return on their investment and that our partnership is mutually beneficial by uniting thoughts and peace, resulting in a thrilling mix of sports triumph and intimate rush.”

This year, X-Trade Brokers is fulfilling its development and international expansion, expanding its activities to other European countries: France, Italy, Portugal and Hungary. X-Trade Brokers is also focusing on the purchase of several brokerage houses in Asia and Jin America, which will represent the flow of building distribution outside the European Union.

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