Vnon discount 10 and 15 percent? So that’s it, to an expert on discounts

Leton smell goods much more influentially than in previous years. “Discounts of less than 20 percent are popular today, they are not very attractive to them,” said Ondej Hloup, a discount expert and manager of the portal.

Does this mean that two retailers are showing up to pamper them more this year with acne offers and more expensive discounts?
ei are generally very sensitive to price compared to other nodes around us. However, recently, customers have become much more focused on quality, which is evident in previous purchases. It is expected that traders will offer an assortment of quality goods at favorable prices.

So shouldn’t the buyers be in the sense of cheap unt, like there were two?
I wouldn’t say so oste. In any case, the customers are sharply aware of it. I think that this trend will continue to move and we can expect that people will still want quality at a reasonable price, they will look for quality goods and be interested in it. The various quality tests of goods also help.

Is it increasing for people to compare the prices that traders have in their flight offers?
If I come out of the way, people can compare discounts and prices on the internet comparison, this year the increase in sales has increased by 35 percent. People used to look for even strong pots of goods and compare more salesmen. This confirms that they have a growing interest in buying appropriately and waiting for a truly suitable price offer from traders.

A total of 42 percent

A total of 42 percent of them are buying goods gradually this year, because they are looking for a suitable price offer. Traders must prick at least with a 20% discount.

Did the business man come up with a new acne medication this year?
I would be very happy if I discovered something like this in acne flyers. The composition of the squadrons is very similar, traders have thought about what the customer is interested in and have it consumed. Don’t get involved in experiments, just use what works abroad for their parent companies.

If the family learns to shop according to acne offers, how much can they learn? We tried to buy a week to buy a household. The most can be learned especially for drugstore goods, where 1 plus 1 free events, or discounts of 30 and 40 percent. Interesting discounts are also available for flowers and meat. When we compared the purchase price with the stock in action with the purchase price at the usual price, it turned out that the data for one purchase can be reduced by more than 40 percent.

What discount do you hear now?
It starts with a discount of at least 20 percent, which people perceive as a certain value worth the weight. The second step to the weight of the purchase are discounts in the range of 40 and 50 percent. People who have more pensions and are sensitive to discounts also react to them.

What does it pay to buy before Christmas? Do you have a few tips?
In general, it pays to buy dragons for which we do not respond at a discount. They are, for example, expensive sports equipment that will be discounted and after the winter season or at the end of it. It pays to buy electronics, which is reflected in stores. In the future, traders will have the resources at their disposal and after the sale of new goods, the purchase will not be so suitable due to the weakening of the crown.

So electronics will be the hit of letonch Vnoc?
Urit yes, electronics also include the purchase of electronic books, so this year we will see a strong number of sales of books and e-books.

For several years, you have been watching how traders dream of moving their business even after Christmas. When will you start the discount season?
I think it will be similar to last year. Last year, merchants had a huge interest in letting people spend their pensions and the vouchers they received for Christmas on the 25th and 26th of December. This year, these holidays will be released on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when new squadrons of the largest retailers will be released at the same time, so I think that discounts will start this year as well as from 25 December.

What discounts can customers pay for this year after Christmas and what is the cheapest?
So far, exactly in the shopping chain. But I think it will be similar to last year. High discounts will be especially on clothes, where we will see that prices will go down by a few percent and may fall to 60 or 70 percent. So if you want to give people a close-knit gift voucher, I recommend a gift voucher for clothes and various copper accessories, which are most likely to be drastically cheaper after Christmas.

Have you started shopping for your family’s kites under the tree?
I admit that not much to go. I will be one of those who shop at the last minute just before three days ago. But the rest of my family members definitely buy it for a while.

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