Vivn for a white wife? New only when the reason will be right

According to the new civil law, the marriage will not only be a means of starting a family and the day of raising children, but a new emphasis will also be placed on the mutual support and help of the husband.

Each of the spouses will have the first opportunity to tell him about his / her income and the state of his / her name, but also about his / her current and considered work, study and similar activities.

Manel has an extraordinary nurturing duty to such an extent that they both ensure essentially the same material and cultural level. And the maintenance obligation among the spouses before the maintenance obligation of children and parents.

Vivn among the divorced husband

The Civil Code regulates the conditions according to which it is possible to give a vivid divorce. For example, u will not monpoad for years after a divorce just because one of the husband is unable to find work.

The new ex-husband will be able to demand vivn only if he is unable to live, and at the same time his inability to have his origins in marriage. And so, if the tomon is just to ask for it.

The court must then state:

  • how long did the marriage last,
  • how long is it divorced
  • whether the husband tried to look for a job,
  • whether the husband at the time permanently participated in the case of the family household,
  • whether the divorced husband did not commit a former husband or persons close to him in the nature of criminal offenses and so on.

In the city of vivnho, divorced husband can arrange a one-time sales.

Pklad: Due to a slight discrepancy, the husband divorced twenty years ago. The children are two years old, completely healthy. While the spouses started to be very successful in business before the years, the spouses lost their jobs due to the current economic situation, moreover, even before retirement. When he took support in employment, a friend advised him to turn to his ex-wife with a lot of vivn. Manelka, of course, rejected his request. Only the current rules would be in danger of imposing an obligation on the judge.

“In the future, a divorced husband will be guilty of his former father only if he is unable to make a living for reasons that have their share at a time when the marriage lasted. This is why tebape may be about a joint child, even if the reason arose later, for example, because the child developed a so-called metabolic disorder, or was seriously injured, ”explains lawyer Markta Tillerov.

Vivn for children – hiding the income does not pay off

Children have the first and the same life with their parents. They have a duty to take care of the saints, to give them an example and to raise them even with the use of appropriate educational measures. This also applies now. And because children should not lose even if they are born, divorce, a new civic end to her mind.

According to the new rules, it is not really worthwhile to conceal your income. . It now pays to live 12.7 times the subsistence level in such a case (approximately 43 thousand crowns per month).

How to make a living? There is nothing to apply to the first vivn. Vivn have to pay so-called obligated persons voluntarily to form an agreement, otherwise the court will decide on his will. For non-payment of a living amount, the possibility of deducting the human rights and until payment.

Paternity will be available for up to six years of age

Compared to the current situation, the deadline for fatherhood is extended by three years. Manel has asked me in six months since the day when he began to doubt that he was the father of a child.

If a father who does not give birth to a child misses the six-year period, he is not even lost. The novelty is this way, who will act for me after this period. If he does not have time to file a petition for the death of paternity in court, he will now be ordered to do so by the highest representative.

Pklad: “In practice, I encountered a case where the wife, after a long time of trying to dt horses, became pregnant. Manel tuil that the child was probably not his, however, it seemed that with the birth of the child, the whole maneuver could be saved, and therefore the whole situation did not exist, “said Markta Tillerov.

As soon as the mother could go to work after her daughter’s parental leave in those years, the marriage began to deteriorate dramatically, and the husband soon discovered that the wife had kept a secret relationship with the child’s father all along. So he decided to find out that dtti would be the father forever. Therefore, he began to consistently apply the age of his paternity law, and in court he reached his child to the court. “From the whole situation, they are now basically everyone, and I am mostly the mother and the real biological father of children. The mother therefore relies on the fact that after the new year she is under the proposal for the fatherhood, ”the lawyer continues.

Even the new civic end may not solve the situation of this family, because both the mother, the grandfather and the real father have twice passed the deadlines for the fatherhood. The daughter is now at the age of seven.

“The mother of the mother and the first father of the child could try to file a petition for the denial of his paternity in court, and the court will examine whether there is no reason to forgive the softening of all deadlines,” advised Markta Tillerov. In such a case, he could file a petition after the new year, and he would probably succeed with his petition for the paternity.

With the contribution of the first elements Dana Prudkov and Frantik Korbel, who participated in the creation of the new civic end.

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