Use common sense or How not to drink about pensions for finances

Imagine a small swaying behind a goose. When the goose falls into the pit, it will be all behind it. Breeder applicant for mortgage vry and small investors in the capital markets without a big overhead scene of reminders. So blind where you don’t.

You get for goose years rates or in a moving market. When deciding on financial issues, there are so many mistakes that no one dared to go. Most of them are based on the truth – the people decide to base their emotions. But use common sense to finance.

With current and never otherwise

Investors buy stocks and bonds in good times. Mostly so in the pot, which for several years period see that the markets are growing and really earn 5 and 50 percent ron. The hunter easily decides to buy. That’s not a mistake.

The mistake is to let the ervka work in the heads when the market falls. The long-term valued stock market reaches about ten percent ron. It is logical to assume that 50 percent kadoron growths cannot last. After a few sharp declines in the value of the investment, the bag of emotions of fear kaj: “What if it fell to go more?” Small inexperienced investors are withdrawing. Better to choose “safe” bnch t. Even sometimes make a loss. Wiping would be a catch. The trend is all the way.

The same hastily negotiated mortgage applicant, incl. Decide which fixation to choose. Year? Those years? Pt, ten, fifteen years? It was interesting to see how the people reached for the minimum rates for a one-year fix at a time when rates were hovering at historical lows and the rate of around 3.4% was no exception. At a time of rising rates, which will now close, nervousness is emerging in the market. People remember the low rates. They feel that great mortgages never come back. Time is uncertain, unfavorable, think. There will be a twist that the only certainty will be provided by a long marker.

He really said at the time: “I’m a year old, but can I use it for a long time?” But exactly such is the result of irrational consideration by many people. High rates should lead to short fixations, on the contrary, in similar rates, let the fixation of shares be chosen.

Emotions with nmi cvi
Is it that investors do not achieve the required investment results? Have emotions in it. The influence of the impression of several developments on the decision-making process is huge. Although people look for rational arguments, it is only an attempt to justify emotional decisions.

Remember: you vs rates will lead to times fixation and vice versa. Remember that declining markets will not lead to the termination of the investment. Of course, the salary is provided, provided that you do not need to pay back early and you do not need to consume the investment pension immediately (but this is another chapter…). Use common sense to finance, and don’t end up like that bitch!

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