Unreadable arranged writing in a small dog contract may not apply

The new civil law enlightened the horse on contracts that are concluded in an adhesive manner. What is each contract that is concluded in a “take it or leave it” way.

That is, one party submitted a ready-made contract, which the other party could either accept or reject and not be able to negotiate.

These are mainly contracts that you enter into, for example, when you set up a mobile phone, buy the Internet and receive TV channels. You sign them in electricity, gas or at the bank here.

Some companies also have contracts. The fact that they are sometimes very widespread and the essence of these contracts written in letters so small that you do not even confuse them with the help of a magnifying glass has happened very often in the past and you will continue to encounter it even further. New, however, with the significant difference that it will be possible to declare invalid those parts of the agreement that are more weak parties, ie those that could damage you.

Don’t want to fly

Jaroslav Vyhnnek from the north of the Czech Republic did not like the approach of the company, where he ordered regular supplies of shaving equipment by phone a year ago. Every month, a set of new flights went to his house every year. A year ago, he came to the company to sign the contract in person: “I was in a hurry, the contract had several pages of text, so I just signed it and didn’t take care of anything. This year, I gave the supplies no choice and the company did not respond. I thought that if I did not sign a new contract, it would be for me. ”

But Mr. Vyhnnek came across. The contract of these small dogs states that if the “subscription to the tickets” does not mature you, they will go to ride it for another two years. “I prefer to pay, I don’t want to have a debt on my neck,” adds Mr. Vyhnnek.

Moral and objectionable text may not apply

If the contract contains amendments that are readable only with great difficulty – they are written in small, possibly due to improperly legible dog, or it is written in a way that the average reasonable hunter can not understand, it is possible to defend against the content of the contract. An agreement that would meet some of the described ailments can be declared invalid.

The stronger party will be in the first place only if you do not tell the court that the contract causes it. Only the last option will remain: to prove that all the unreadable and inappropriate additions have been used enough. It is, of course, a question of how companies will approach this.

Therefore, if, when signing a contract, for example to force paula for mobile services, they would force you to sign that you are informed about all hundreds of contracts, you would rather go to it a few times to read it very carefully. Adhesion contracts can cost both parties because they are ready and you don’t have to deal with anything special. It is always good to follow the rule: pest, sign me.

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