Uetete for bank charges

Does your bank charge a lot of pensions for fees? So go somewhere else, or try to change the type here and use another service. You can save thousands of crowns.

The bill that Julie Trachtov paid to Komern banka for bn et, was given to her by TV. When they compared the entries from esk spoitelny with a colleague who was supposed to go to esk spoitelny, Julie found out that she had to pay half the fees. Therefore, she decided to forge her for the savings bank. First, she set up a new account so that the bank knew where to transfer the balance. Zaloen is here at each bank for free.

Julie then drew up a loan agreement with a Komern bank employee and issued a payment card. The bank canceled the payment permanently and free of charge. It is canceled here in banks free of charge, the only Potovn spoitelna costs 200 crowns.

She had to go into debt due to blocked pensions
Two weeks have passed and the rest of the original pensions are nowhere to be found. When Mr. Trachtov urged them at Komern banka by phone, she learned that her pensions could arrive in 45 days. This is a protective period for the bank in case the client makes a transaction with a payment card just before the cancellation.

You hide and down. I left all my pensions here and had to come from my relatives for the necessary daily expenses. Pt u I’ll be caught, add Julie.

Each bank has a protection period of 45 days for most of them, at least 30 days for Volksbank and Fio drustevn zlony, for a maximum of 90 days for HVB Bank. Find out how long the bank will block your pension upon leaving by contacting the bank’s green line.

It pays to enter new orders electronically
He took the orders and Julie then allowed herself to help herself with the help of internet banking. She found out that in the back of the day, her order would cost her eight crowns, while the Internet only cost her two crowns. In addition, within the package, she had two transactions entered via free internet. But she had to look back so she wouldn’t forget about any payment.

By changing the bank, Julie Trachtov ron more than 500 crowns. Due to the fact that its fixed use is only for a few regular transactions, the annual fee is not a negligible amount, active clients of banks can save even more.

For Mr. Trachtová, the transfer from Komern banka to esk spoitelna was suitable, for others it could be the other way around. Therefore, it pays to study the tariffs of the competition to see if it is not appropriate to go elsewhere.

Where your profits are lost

Sometimes it happens to change habits
In some cases, you just need to change the way you control your world. Pensions for fees in m can run off here if you do not take out electronic banking and go to the bank with any order.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can use a telephone line or a mobile phone, or at least give orders to the collection box, which is cheaper, not to enter them directly at the desk.

Personal cash withdrawals are a similar luxury, and you will receive an electronic payment card free of charge in most bank packages. If you choose a pension for peppermint, pay at least 12, but also 50 crowns.

Are you used to often withdrawing pensions from an ATM? Then see how much you pay for the bills. Withdrawals from your own ATM usually cost five crowns, for withdrawals from others it costs 25 crowns, so you better avoid them. If you pay your expenses by card, it’s free.

If you use internet banking, find out if your bank offers an electronic deposit from here and find out if you can cancel your paper deposit. The number of standing orders and thus the number of fees can be reduced by so-called SIPO and combine all regular payments (for water, gas, rent and more) into one.

Whatever the need for a link, with his help you can get SIPO electronic banking at the bank’s branch. If you have one, please check if you have any existing payments.

You don’t pay for what you don’t use
Look in the contract with the bank, what you have in the prices here. Choose a one where you will pay mainly for transactions and services that you use regularly. There is no point in paying for a bloated bank package when you use only half of the services it includes. The same goes for the other way around.

Do not mature, choose a pension. Due to the cards, the bank will transfer the balance in 30 days at the latest.

If the number and type of your transactions coincide with one of the packages that your bank offers, it is not worth paying for each transaction separately. The package will cost at least 10 percent cheaper. Banks also offer those suitable for certain groups of residents, such as seniors and students.

Advertise some banks, you will have them for free. Mostly, of course, if the uritch condition is met. For example, eBanka will forgive the management fee here, when you will send 15,000 crowns to your account.

Make sure that in similar cases you will not pay more than in another bank for individual actions, e.g. payment orders, etc.

Fio drustevn zlona is a state where you will be able to pay in addition to the fee for withdrawing from an ATM (6 crowns) free of charge with you. Today, it functions as a full-fledged bank, client deposits are insured in the same way as in other banks.

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