Typical usury does not drink for a high year, use lubrication tricks

Day usury at two are not those who can drink for an extremely high year. Their primary duty is not the current payment of the debt, but, on the contrary, its non-payment with the subsequent bankruptcy and execution on the debtor’s property.

“Most of the current usury uses much more sophisticated practices such as the absence of pre-contractual forms, fees for processing loans in advance, signatures of blank promissory notes or uncontrolled potential debts in the registers,” points out Petr Tepl, one of the co-authors of the Navigator safe bezpenho vrovn.

According to Teplho, a typical usury is a company with a short business history, which lends even to people without demonstrable income or the unemployed, a real real address, neither a bank nor a non-banking company, which is a member of Czech leasing and financial associations, requires for example small loans houses and consequently wants huge penalties for non-compliance.

Kad pt ech by lichvm naletl

A few weeks ago, the navigator, in collaboration with the GfK agency, conducted a survey that looked at the attitudes towards fires and the risks and risks involved.

Twenty percent of them admitted that they were unable to distinguish usury from a safe provider. “If we look at how the social group fits these 20 percent, let’s find out that they are the first to represent the target group of questionable consumer service providers,” said Michal Mejstk, co-author of the navigator.

It is also alarming that it is clear that nine out of ten of them do not actually know in the contracts on the loan they sign. Even though the people have learned enough of the covenant and to the end, it is not valid for them. Do not orientate yourself in contracts, they are complicated for them, often non-transparent and hide many catches.

It is still the longest year for Czechs

einedokou distinguish good vr from patnho. I don’t know how to get to know him and what to focus on. The main criterion for our students is only in the year – more than the five addressees consider the low year to be the most important parameter of a quality wine product.

They are very accommodating and ready – especially for a few short years and they will find another way to choose their pension from them.

“Visually, the appearance of the good is low, the hunter spots, the surroundings would ‘reimburse’ the pension, and the decision is made accordingly. At the same time, however, there are many consumer woes and dangers hidden in various details, such as fees for the loan, in installments stated not monthly, but weekly, even if the recipient of the loan would be explicitly warned, or in deadly penalties for late splits, ”points out Mejstk.

Patero rad, jak pi vbru vru nenalett

Even though they have made great progress compared to the situation a few years ago, it is hard to remember a few tips on how to choose a consumer.

Don’t get bogged down at the selected company, find out as much as possible. Be mainly interested in its history, whether it is a member of the esk leasing company and where sdl. The Internet is a good helper, but always get the information you need.

When comparing orders, pay particular attention to the maturity of each visa. If the company offers a loan with an APR of more than 100 percent, all of the loan will force you to cancel the house and will charge a fee in advance before giving the fee, this should signal to you that the company is not serious.

If you do not give a pre-contractual form in the company you have chosen, leave. Do this even if you come across an empty city in the contract and they will be convinced that it will be so long, or they will be forced to sign immediately. You should always study all the terms and conditions at home in peace.

Serious companies always have infoline (which they do not pay for expensive paid 906…) and a clear website. Never send your representative home to ask your representative.

If you are in a situation where you do not have a high enough income and you do not drink in banks and serious non-banking companies, you will forget about the next loan. Wait for such people first. I don’t care that you are in debt and you have known in the debt registers. Don’t worry, you’re likely to have trouble meeting it. Their duty is to get spirly and get in and out.

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