Two vBry from eBanka will be free, he said hello

From August, eBanka’s clients will receive two free withdrawals from eBanka’s and Raiffeisenbank’s ATMs free of charge, similarly to Raiffesenbank’s clients.

All clients paid for it from a Raiffeisenbank or eBanka ATM, 9.90 K (today 6.90 K).

Fees for withdrawals from ATMs of other banks vary according to incoming payments. If more than 15 thousand crowns come to you, pay 9.90 K for the deposit (so far it was 6.90 K at any ATM). In other cases, the fee is 39.90 K (instead of 29.90 K).

“If the client selects a maximum of eight ATMs per month and uses two withdrawals at Raiffeisenbank and eBanka’s ATMs free of charge, then at the collection of accounts,” said Tom Kofro, eBanka.

The August change in the tariff is part of the first wave of the unification fee of Raiffeisenbank and eBanka. Let’s be surprised if even “free services” will be redeemed from other fees.

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