Two pbhy: The breakup brought them to personal bankruptcy

Loss of employment, illness or divorce with a life partner, which also means the loss of half of the income on regular monthly fees. In this way, the judges most often inflict debtors, because they have lost control of their bonds and now file for bankruptcy.

Separation in the form of personal bankruptcy is good, especially because you do not have to pay all the debts when you set it aside. Within five years, you can repay at least 30 percent of the total debt in the form of regular installments. Pinme gave two poor people who had decided on personal bankruptcy. You can grow the first two pbhy here.

There will be some problems for money problems. Milanoviz Nchodska thne on the pole and until recently had a girlfriend. Due to this, it took a total of 183 thousand crowns during the short period of time.

The pension was spent by his girlfriend, then their relationship ended and Milan had no choice but to pay the debts of ten thousand.

The bag soon found out that sm on pt spltek msn is not enough. “I am not able to meet them all on a regular basis. I always pay her a few months only to someone, ”Milan described his situation.

Reminders of extortion companies began to come, and even though Milan owned nothing but a mobile phone, he began to fear the loss of property. “I got into arrears, and that’s why I threaten to execute and enforce the company. I would pede the executions in this way, ”Milan described his concerns. In November last year, therefore, he went to court with enough to rule out insolvency. However, as he did not fill in all the fields in the formula correctly and did not provide the necessary documents, the judge did not recognize him enough at first.

Now he hopes the court will flourish enough. He figured that with his salary and my written payment schedule, he would be able to pay off all his debts within five years.

Milof Plzeska has had a stable job for him for several years, he works as a debtor at one of the company’s foreign countries, and he has earned almost 17 thousand crowns gross. He had a fairly small amount to make his way to the paddock. Divorce, living, mortgage on the apartment and a large number of loans of all star loans have spread out in full.

He divorced some time ago, and by a court decision he began to pay a living fee of CZK 3,500 a month.

Earlier, Mr. Milo bought a general apartment for 300 thousand crowns, while the transaction was mortgaged with Raiffeisenbank for the same amount. He then estimated the costs associated with housing at another five thousand crowns per month. The expenses for his daughter and his living thus began to bite more than half of his daily income. This equation of personal finances has grown over several months.

He therefore had to borrow for personal consumption. The first was the Citibank payment card at hand, where Mr. Milo ended up in the minus of 15 thousand crowns, followed by the consumer vr 130 thousand crowns at GE Money Bank and the consolidan vr at Raiffeisenbank for almost one hundred thousand. This bag was still just an arrest, as it was subsequently indebted to Cofidis with a debt of 30 thousand, Profi Credit for a total of about 200 thousand and so to Provident Financial for 36 thousand.

A total of nine unpaid volumes totaling more than 800 thousand crowns forced Mr. Miloe to go to court. In the middle of last year, the court and the lender gave him a helping hand, when they complied with his rather segregated. If Mr. Milo has enough of his volumes, he will come again after five years.

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