Two pbhy: financially with no one, we declare bankruptcy

Someone worked hard, others just appreciated their own financial resources. These are the reasons why people are unable to live up to their ties and eventually file a lawsuit for personal bankruptcy.

Separated in the form of personal bankruptcy, for example, because you do not have to pay all your debts when you try to use it. Within five years, he will pay at least 30 percent of the total debt in the form of regular installments. Let’s pin two people who have resorted to personal bankruptcy.

Exchanging the apartment for your own house with a garden can end up with a carousel of unpaid installments and buying a table of suitable suitcases to cover them. Such is the case of Lenka and Miroslavaz Opava.

Those years ago, they sold a typical apartment in the Silesian metropolis for 2.5 million crowns. On Tuesday, they took out a mortgage with Raiffeisenbank and bought a two-generation house for 3.2 million crowns in the Opava suburb. Dm bag needed a reconstruction, for which the husband took out a mortgage and got into debt with the relatives.

“Spltky vak peshly nae rivy, and in order to be able to pay not only the costs, but also the hundreds of individual loans and vr, we helped with the collection of credit cards,” Lenka describes how the family slowly began to fall into the debt trap.

She drank best for a family with two children two years ago. Miroslav piel shouts and he has not been able to find a new one yet. In addition, Lenka went on maternity leave, so the only income of the husband was a parental contribution of 7600 crowns.

In desperate situation, they did what counselors from financial counseling services describe as the worst case. They took a high-quality loan from the non-banking company BTF Projekt. At present, the family has 13 volumes with banks and companies. In addition, two mortgages at Raiffeisenbank and a non-banking company, which pledged the house. The total debt is 4.3 million crowns.

“Even Finn family members can’t help her,” explains Lenka. At the end of last year, the family therefore decided to file a court to approve personal bankruptcy. “Only in this way are we able to pay the bundles of our owners,” she hoped.

Men, son and work in one important machine company. Mr. Josefz jin Moravy did not manage his economic situation. He was caught up in debts from the past of isrie consumer consumers, incl. “I appreciated my economic ability and the current situation with the strangers,” Josef said in quite a court of secession. Vn sent his debts to 950 thousand crowns.

His path to personal bankruptcy began with a mortgage on a house at Wstenrot. Unpaid in the mortgage on the day of the proposal amounted to 528 thousand crowns. To the bottom thly gave him no debts, this time with certain individuals. Due to court decisions, Mr. Josef owed them about 200 thousand crowns. The debt is based on some “unfulfilled” termination of the employment contract.

Finann worried about the machine debt trying to lend to the bank. He ended up with minus 25 thousand crowns on his card at Komern banka, followed by a revolving credit of 89 thousand crowns at the same bank.

Later, loans were added to all companies. At the time of the petition for personal bankruptcy, he owed Home Credit 74 thousand crowns and Provident Financial almost 19 thousand crowns. “Due to the total volume of volumes and the total volume of receipts, it is beyond the scope of the volume of volumes,” Mr. Josef states in a lot. He in the manufacturing company receives a variable wage, most often, according to him, the bag is around 10 thousand gross currency. In addition, one of his relatives will send him five months and money in the basic donor contract.

According to his words, Mr. Josef has to pay about five thousand crowns in installments in the Czech Republic, in five years a little over 300 thousand crowns, which is roughly the required minimum of 30 percent of the volume. In mid-last year, the court, with its decisions, separated it.

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